Difference between Jyotish and Tantrik

Key Difference: Jyotish is 'Karma-phala-vipāka-kāla-vidhānam', i.e., a set of rules related to past actions. Tantriks are those who have to do everything related to concepts that are highly theoretical and without obvious practical application.

Jyotish and Tantrik are the astrologers. The Hindu believers around the globe, mainly in India have a belief in astrologers. They help people in different things with there different practices at different times. The difference between both the terms are mentioned below.

Jyotish is an ancient system of astrology from India. They are known, or called to figure out the auspicious dates for marriage, they are called to match the kundlis, comparing kundlis of a boy and a girl before their marriage is a good preventive measure to have a happy married life. Rashifal is a zodiac/sun sign, they tell the sun sign of the particular person according to the person's name or date of birth. Jyotish was derived from the Sanskrit word ‘jyotisa’, meaning, “light, heavenly body”. Hindupedia defines Jyotish as 'Karma-phala-vipāka-kāla-vidhānam', i.e., set of rules for timing of fruition of past actions. Jyotish is also known as Indian astrology, Hindu astrology or Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is known as ‘Jyotish’ in Sanskrit. It is the Vedangana text used in Veda. Basically, it’s a broad system using nine planets, 12 sun/zodiac signs of the Sun, 27 zodiac/sun signs of the Moon, numerous systems of planetary and sign time-cycles and many other systems that are included in it. They are also called as the “Eye of Real Knowledge”.

Tantriks are the astrologers that describe any of the several branches of yoga and mysterious traditions well-established in India. Tantriks are those who have to do everything related to concepts that are highly theoretical and without obvious practical application. It is only done by an inner circle, i.e., very few have gained these powers. It is gained through tantrik sadhana, that is spiritual practices. They have the ability to read a chart. Tantriks mainly include black magic. It is believed that with there mantras for whether it be power, money, fame, revenge, love or hate; everything can be achieved with spells and magic.

Many times it happens that one has differences with their family, loved ones, partners, children-parents, etc. All these relations are tied by trust and loyalty. However, differences are like scissors that eventually severe these threads, so one needs to find a Vashikaran guru. He is the one who should have deepest knowledge and experience that is true Sadhana above all accuracy and one needs to be very cautious while finding out a Vishakaran guru.

Comparison between Jyotish and Tantrik:





Jyotiṣa is 'Karma-phala-vipāka-kāla-vidhānam', i.e., set of rules for timing of fruition of past actions.

Tantriks are the astrologers that describe any of several branches of yoga and mysterious traditions.





Light, heavenly body



  • They wear white or orange color clothes.
  • They wear black color clothes.


  • Understanding the cycles of one’s life
  • Determining one’s life path
  • Knowing the skill and abilities that one has brought within himself into this lifetime
  • Understanding what makes one who he is
  • Relationship compatibility
  • Determining the best career
  • Looking at the pros and cons of relocation
  • Determining when to begin a new project or new business
  • Find out one’s karmic influences
  • Look at the year ahead or future
  • They help one to be totally accepted and love himself the way he is.
  • They help to make every act of life a mediation
  • They help one to achieve the highest states of consciousness, for highest spiritual experiences
  • Success in education and competitive exams
  • Success in work, getting promotions, name fame, etc.
  • Improve relationships with family members
  • Attain wealth
  • Attain self confidence and peace

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