Difference between Lace and Crochet

Key Difference: Crochet refers to a process which is used to create a particular type of fabric, whereas the term lace refers to another type of fabric. Lace looks more delicate, has finer stitches and has a more refined and netted look, whereas crochet lace is known for its raw and chunky look.

LaceClothing and trends can be quite confusing to tell apart, especially those that are very similar to look at. One such example is the lace and crochet. Both are timeless and have been a part of the fashion world for centuries, and while its popularity may waver, they have always been a staple in the industry.

Lace and crochet can look very similar in certain circumstances even though they are two completely different things. Both are different types of needlework which produced different results.

Lace is a type of delicate fabric which is typically created from yarn or thread. It was originally created from linen, silk, gold, or silver threads, but is not more commonly created from cotton, linen or silk threads. Cheaper variants can also be made of synthetic fiber. Lace has been really popular throughout time due to its delicate and intricate designs, which often give off an air of luxury and decadence.

There are many different types of laces, such as but not limited to bobbin laces, hardanger, reticella lace, needlepoint lace, etc. One particular type of lace is the crocheted lace, which is basically a lace that is created via the process of crocheting. It is this lace particularly which creates the most confusion between lace and crochet.

The term crochet comes from French where it means ‘small hook’. The term refers to a stick with a small hook at the end, which can be used to loop yarn and make stitches. The crochet hook can be made from a number of materials such as Aluminium, steel, bamboo, and even plastic. 

Crocheting refers to a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or other materials. The finished produced typically looks like the same material as a knitted sweater; however, the process can also be used to make lace.

Typically crocheted lace was not regarded as true lace, but it has been increasing in popularity and today is considered a subset of both lace and crocheting. Originally, the patterns of crocheted lace tried to imitate the patterns of lace, especially the ones that were popular at the time. Eventually, crocheted lace started developing its own patterns which complimented the inherent beauty of crochet, which was starting to get recognized and appreciated.

Crochet LaceStill, there are certain differences between lace and crochet, primarily the fact that when talking about crocheting, it refers to a process which is used to create a particular type of fabric, whereas the term lace refers to another type of fabric.

Now, while comparing lace and crochet lace, both different types of fabrics, certain differences further come to the forefront. The primary being that lace looks more delicate, has finer stitches and has a more refined and netted look. Crochet lace, on the other hand, is known for its more raw and chunky look, though it can be made to look delicate as well. It typically has larger stitches than in lace, and is likely to have larger hole and gaps in the stitching as well. Both Lace and Crochet lace can be hand-made or machine made.

Comparison between Lace and Crochet:





Type of fabric

A process used to create fabric





More delicate

Less delicate


Tiny stitches

Larger stitches


Bobbin lace, netting, hardanger, reticella lace, needlepoint lace, etc.

Crochet lace, filet crochet, Irish crochet, pineapple crochet, etc.

Material used

yarn or thread

Yarn, thread, or strands of other materials

Instruments used

Needle, shuttle

Crochet hook

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Image Courtesy: etsy.com, kufer.co.uk

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