Difference between Love and Affair

Key Difference: An affair is a sexual relationship or a romantic friendship or passionate attachment between two people. Love is a more deep and meaningful connection between two people.

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difference between love and affairRelationships are complicated no matter what, they are further complicated when people try to label them. This is what leads to the complication between names such as Love and Affair. 
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While what each person may feel can be described differently by that person. It is generally accepted that all love, in fact, starts out as an affair or an infatuation. An affair can be described as the start of a relationship, when each person is really attracted to each other, mainly physically and somewhat emotionally.

An affair is the feeling of heart's pounding when the person is full of excitement and giddy with anticipation when thinking about their crush or significant other. It can be said that the affair is the beginning of the relationship or the honeymoon period when everything is just perfect and nothing can wrong.

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From here on, there are two places that the relationship can go. The beauty and illusion of the relationship might end, leaving the participants feeling jaded or saddened. Or the relationship might deepen further into a more serious and committed relationship, i.e. love.
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difference between love and affairLove is the basis of any sincere relationship. This is where significant others start developing deep and real feelings about each other. This is when they start considering a future with each other and start to believe that they may be “the one.”

An affair is all about the individual. The person thinks about how the other person makes them feel, is it worth it, should we continue this, etc. Whereas, love is when the people stop thinking about it as an individual and rather as a couple. They take decisions together; think about each other’s happiness, etc.

An affair can also be very selfish. This is when a person cheats on their love, for something that is fleeting and insincere. In this case, it is termed as an extra-marital affair, where the person forgoes a deep meaningful relationship, for passion and physical chemistry.

Comparison between Love and Affair:




Definition (according to Wikipedia)

Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection ("I love my mother") to pleasure ("I loved that meal"). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.

An affair is a sexual relationship or a romantic friendship or passionate attachment between two people.


Deep, meaningful, secure, trusting, emotional compatibility

Passionate, addictive, insecure, physical chemistry


Love can be for anything: nature, a significant other/spouse, a parent, a sibling or any other relation.

Affair is usually with a significant other with which one may or may not be involved. 


Sibling love, family love, love for nature, etc.

Love affair, extra-marital affair, etc.

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