Difference between Especially and Specially

Key difference: Mostly, the adverbs ‘especially’ and ‘specially’ are interchangeably used in many contexts. The term ‘especially’ is used to highlight and particularize anything, whereas ‘specially’ is used to highlight the specification of any matter or thing.

The term ‘especially’ in general manner is used as a synonym to the word ‘particularly’. This term is used to emphasize or suppress the particular characteristic features of a thing or object. The word reflects and categorizes the different change or thing in a condition. The word is applicable in condition oriented statements where the emphasizing on any place or condition is necessary. When the word is to be used in adjectival form, it is supposed to be used as ‘exceptionally’ or’ particularly’.

For example:

  • They went out in the cold even though it was especially snowy.
  • There is nothing especially radical about that plan.

In both the above sentences, the use of ‘especially’ highlights the particular condition and purpose.

The term ‘specially’ is used to highlight the special characteristic of any object. This word is used to reflect a privileged purpose and condition. The extra and additional factor is highlighted by this word. The word ‘special’ means the privilege factor of any thing. The word is used in informal way to highlight and express the main object in a concept. It can reflect to any distinct feature or purpose, which may relate to any one which is different from the rest ones.

For example:

  • I bought this picture specially for you.
  • His surfboard was specially designed to help him with his physical disability.

In the above sentences, the word ‘specially’ suppresses the person and purpose due to which the things are happening or they are implemented.

Comparison between Especially and Specially:





It highlights the extra and additional things.

It highlights the privileged things.

Used generally,

‘Especially’ usually means “particularly”.

‘Specially’ usually means, “in a special or careful manner” or “specifically”. 


Its meaning carries with a sense of something exceptional, which is implied on something; or else something that is of lesser quality.

Its meaning can refer to something which is of a distinct purpose; or to someone who stands apart from the rest, without expressing that there is something or someone who is lesser.

They are

Especially tends to be more formal.

Specially tends to be more informal.


He can't be sure he will win, especially at this early stage of the show.

The cake had been specially prepared for this Christmas occasion.

Image Courtesy: dict.space.4goo.net, luvscrappingtogether.blogspot.com

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