Difference between Lipstick and Lip Tint

Key Difference: Lipstick and lip tint, both are cosmetic products and are applied on lips. The basic difference between both the products is that lipstick contains wax with oils, antioxidants and emollients, whereas lip tint does not contain wax.

Applying lip color is not a current fashion trend. Women or females are used to color their lips from ancient times. Until now, this trend is followed and due to that reason an improvement in the manufacture of applicators and metal tubes has also reduced the cost of the cosmetic. This combined with newfound acceptance by the general population caused extensive use and popularity to increase.

Lip sticks usually have a waxy base so that the color glides on smoothly. However, with most lip sticks, the color also fades relatively quickly. The primary ingredients found in the lipstick are oil, pigment and alcohol. Lip tints, however, are not shiny or waxy, for the most part. The color also tends to last longer, so it’s a good idea to be careful to stay within the lip line when you are applying lip tint–so that you don’t wind up tinting other parts of your face.

Lip tint is also a cosmetic product, which is a sticky gel. Lip tints assure a long-lasting wash of natural color that stains your lips a natural shade; making them utterly irresistible. It is mainly referred to as lip stain that is they may also come in tubes, or perhaps look like large crayons, but when you apply them the finish is more muted than shiny. One can find lip tint in several versions such as watery, marker, gel, etc. and it remains on the lips for longer period of time without overwhelming your entire look.

Comparison between Lipstick and Lip Tint:



Lip Tint


Lipstick is a crayon-like oil-based cosmetic used in coloring the lips, usually in a tubular container.

Lip Tint quenches your lips with a conditioning, moisturizing hint of color.


Brandy, hot pink, chocolate, Plum, cappuccino, blush, spice, red, etc.

Lip tint shades ranges from light to dark colors.


Lipstick contains wax, oils, antioxidants and emollients.

Lip tint does not contain wax, but it frequently contains the ingredients like sunscreen, conditioning ingredients, or a minty smell to make the breath smell fresher.


  • Moisturizing lipstick
  • Sheer lipstick
  • Mattle lipstick
  • Forested lipstick
  • Long-wearing and transfer resistant lipstick

Cheek stain


Lipstick is not just applied for color, but it is also worn by women for protection.

  • Color long lasts a whole day, though stain is temporary.
  • It can be very easily applied on lips without any efforts.

Image Courtesy: thesundaygirl.com, thelipstickgal.wordpress.com

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