Difference between Palace and Mansion

Key Difference: A palace is built with a purpose of constructing spacious halls and rooms primarily meant for comfort. Mansion is a large private house in which one can live a luxurious and calm life.

A palace is built with a purpose of constructing spacious halls and rooms primarily meant for comfort. They were meant to be seen as a sign of royalty, wealth and grace. The materials used to decorate these palaces were marvelous. Often marbles were used to show off its loveliness. Lots of money was usually spent in the construction of a palace and they were built to live a luxurious life and enjoy a leisurely lifestyle.

A mansion is a big house that was usually built with a purpose of large property. Mansion was derived from the Latin word mansio, meaning ‘dwelling’. The buildings built were so large that they might be very expensive and luxurious. The mansions were visible in ancient Roman cities, which were mainly built on hills. It was a large stately house in Rome. One of the hills in Rome became so widespread that is the term palatial was derived from the name Palatine hill and is the etymological origin of "palace". Mansion is the mixture of palace and castle. Some of the mansions in the world began their existence as fortified castles, in European history. Nowadays, people wish to design mansion with extra rooms for home theatre or cinema.

Comparison between Palace and Mansion:






  • The official residence of a king, queen, bishop, or other sovereign or exalted personage.
  • A large and stately mansion or building.
  • A large and usually ornate place for entertainment, exhibitions, etc.
  • A very large, impressive, or stately residence.
  • Manor house.
  • Often, mansions. British. A large building with many apartments; apartment house.
  • Oriental and medieval astronomy. Each of 28 divisions of the ecliptic occupied by the moon on successive days.
  • Archaic. An abode or dwelling place.


Palaces are seen throughout the world

In Ancient Rome


Built to prove royalty

Built for relaxation and comfort

Materials used

Marbles and gold for beauty and appeal

Stones and bricks

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