Difference between Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes

Key difference: The key difference between tomato and cherry tomatoes is that the former is larger than the latter. Though, there are few other differences based on their taste, uses and health benefits.

They are ripe, red, green or yellow in color, tangy in taste, extremely juicy and are widely used in cooking savory dishes all around the culinary world. Though, they may seem like a vegetable to the normal eye, but they are popularly categorized as fruits. Tomatoes are true fruits that are developed from the base of the flower and contain the seeds of the plant. They are a delicious way of adding nutrition to the meal.

Tomatoes come in different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors; they are usually classified on the basis of their plant growth i.e. wine plant or bush plant. These tomatoes are categorized as:

  • Plum Tomatoes
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes
  • Cherry Tomatoes        
  • Grape Tomatoes
  • Campari Tomatoes

Also, these are further defined on the basis of their color, but this article differentiates between plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

A plum tomato, also known as a processing tomato or paste tomato, is a type of tomato that is bred for sauce and packing purposes. These are the standard tomatoes that are favored by chefs as they are considered easy to handle because of their high solid content and notably lesser seeds. 

Plum tomatoes can be easily recognized by their shape. These are medium sized fruits that are oval in shape, bright red in color and can go from 2-4 inches tall in size. These are widely used in everyday cooking because of their robust taste and low moisture content. Also, they have a little bit of acidity in them, which makes plum tomatoes great for cooking sauces, salsas, and tomato pastes. They are perfect for cooking, but can be enjoyed fresh too.

Cherry tomatoes, on the other hand, are excellent bite-sized nibbles that are added to salads to bring an extra ‘zinger’ to the food. Moreover, these are prolific in nature. These are excellent for eating raw in salads, or just popped into your mouth as a snack, because of their small size and great flavor.

Cherry Tomatoes are usually 1 - 2 inches wide, and are perfectly round. These have a tart, almost like sour taste, and are bursting with juices. Also, these are perfect for salads, but are more popularly used in appetizers. Though, at times, cherry tomatoes can be too large for consumption, and hence have to be halved before eating. The sweet flavored juice makes it a great add-on in pastas, baked or grilled dishes. Also, the deep red color of the fruit just adds a splash of color in the salads, appetizer, pastas, etc. By slicing the cap off of a Cherry Tomato and removing its seeds, once can create a delicious, bite sized cup stuffed with his or her favorite filling.

Comparison between Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes:


Plum Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes


It is a type of tomato.

It is a type of tomato.


They are oval in shape.

These are round in shape.


These are 2-4 inches in size.

These are 1-2 inches in size.


  • They have thick walls, but are plumper and softer inside.
  • These are sweet in taste.
  • These have high moisture content.
  • The color varies from red, red-yellow to orange-yellow.
  • These are round in shape and are firm in touch.
  • These are sour in taste.
  • These have high moisture content.
  • These are bright red in color.

Plant type

These are grown in bushes.

They are grown in wines.

Perfect for

They are perfect for cooking.

They are perfect for appetizers as bite size nibbles.


It is stored at room temperature, but can be kept in the fridge for long time.

It is stored at room temperature, not in the fridge.


It is used in making pasta sauces, gravies, pastes, etc.

It is used in salads, appetizers, pasta dishes, etc.

Image Courtesy: therecipegirl.blogspot.com, info.surgecosmetic.com

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