Different Types of Dogs

Key Difference: There are more than 300 breeds of dogs in the world. These breeds are usually classified according to the type of job performed by them.

Dogs are carnivorous animals belonging to the family of Canids. Dogs are considered to be the first tamed animals. There are many different breeds of dogs, which include both pure and mix breeds. Dogs can be classified according to the work performed by them –

Herding Group – It includes those breeds of dogs which perform an important job of herding livestock. They have excellent herding techniques. They are frantic runners and bark in an aggressive manner. It includes many of the dog breeds which are considered more intelligent than other breeds. It includes German Shepherd, Collie, Finnish Lapphund, Briard, Entlebucher Mountain dog. They can be trained effectively.

Hound Group – it includes those breeds of dogs which assist man in the search of food while hunting. They have an excellent vision, and many of them also possess a good sense of smell, which help them in following a trail. They usually have a loud baying voice. They are considered to be quiet comfortable with man. American English Coonhound, American Foxhound, Basset Hound, Basenji are all types of hound dogs.

Sporting Group – This category includes many famous breed like spaniels, settlers, pointers, etc. They are known as the best family dogs due to the ease to train them. They are also used as companions during hunting. These dogs are smart and alert. They do dot lack the sense of activity. They usually have a dense and water repellent coat which protects them in different types of weather. They like to be around people. They are employed as helper dogs for disabled or as a bomb and drug sniffer.

Working Group – It includes dogs that help people to perform some specific types of work. Boxer, Rottweiler, Argentine Dogo, St. Bernard and Komondor are some of the members of this group. They perform specific tasks like they guard people and property. They are known for their good strength. They require to be trained in a proper program. Their fearless nature is adored by everyone. The thickness of their fur varies.

Terrier Group – Terrier, the term has been derived from a Latin word which refers to the ‘Earth’. It is due to the fact that these dogs are brilliant in digging. It includes Airedale Terrier, Border Terrier, Bull Terrier, Bedlington Terrier, Wire fox terrier, and many more. They are fearless. They originally started off as hunters, and therefore tend to be aggressive towards other animal. They have been typically bred for killing vermin.

Toy Group – They are usually petite. They are beautiful. They are wonderful to hold in the lap. They are not much into exercising. They are best for cuddling. This group includes cute dogs like Affenpinscher, Chinese Crested Dog, Havanese,  Maltese, etc. They are intelligent enough and like to grab the attention. They are very god companions. Their small size usually does not hinder their alertness skills.

Non-sporting Group – It is a very diverse group with different types of members. They are different in their sizes, appearances and personality.  Most of them have been originated from other breed groups like sporting and working group. However, now they are raised as house pets. Thy do not hold the same characteristics associated with their origin. They are now looked as simply companion pets. Chow Chow, Dalmatian, Keeshond, American Eskimo Dog, etc. are some examples of dog breeds which fall in this diverse category.

Images Courtesy: straight-poop.com, dogsindepth.com, dog-breeds.findthebest.com, onemarinesview.com, vetstreet.com, sfgate.com, pedigreedpups.com

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