Difference between Appointment Letter and Confirmation Letter

Key Difference: An appointment letter and a confirmation letter, both play a vital role in context to recruitments. An appointment letter is provided to the candidate who has been offered a job and the candidate has accepted the offer. On the other hand, a confirmation letter is provided to the employee who has successfully completed his probation period and the company considers him to be an asset to the organization. Firstly, the appointment letter is provided to the candidate stating that he is appointed in the company. Secondly, after the successful completion of probation period, a confirmation later is provided to the employee stating that he is now a permanent employee of the company.

Many people think that in terms of a job, an appointment is the same as a confirmation. However, they both differ from each other in many aspects. Let us understand both of them and then clear the differences between them.

An appointment letter is related to appointments. Appointment refers to the assignment of a role in the job. The recruitment cycle has several steps like shortlisting resumes, interviews of selected candidates, etc. After the grilling selection process, eligible candidates are selected and then jobs are offered to them. If the candidate is happy with the offer, then the company finally issues the appointment letter. This is to inform the candidate that now he has been assigned a role in the company and that the candidate shall work with the company. The appointment letter also describes the position, salary package and various other terms and conditions related to the job.

The appointment letter must also contain the details about the probation period. It means the appointed candidate has to serve a probation period, during which his work would be watched. If the employee’s work is able to meet the expectations of the company, then he is confirmed for the job. Therefore, appointments do not come with confirmations. Appointment needs to be confirmed after the probation period. However, the process may differ from one company to the other.

Some employees are not able to perform consistently during the probation period. In cases like these, the company does not want to confirm the appointments of such employees. The company might cancel the appointment or extend the probation period. The extension of the probation period provides another opportunity to these employees to prove themselves.

On the other hand, if an employee successfully completes the probation period, then the company wants to retain the employee in the company and therefore, issues a confirmation letter. This letter states that the candidate is now a permanent employee of the company and would get the same benefits as the other permanent employee. The salary might also increase and generally some other benefits also accompany the confirmation.

The main difference between an appointment letter and a confirmation letter is that an appointment letter is often used to employ new candidates in the company, whereas a confirmation letter is used to confirm the job of these new candidates in the company. An appointment letter must contain the details like salary package, position and probation period. On the other hand, a confirmation letter must mention the benefits that one avails on being confirmed and also the other added benefits.

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