Difference between BBA and BBM

Key Difference: B.B.A. stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. B.B.M. stands for Bachelor of Business Management. They both are three year courses of management. B.B.A. and B.B.M. are very similar in many contexts. Generally, they refer to the same courses. However sometimes, B.B.A. is regarded to be more focused on the administrative related content, whereas B.B.M. is regarded to be more focused on the Analytical and Logical Oriented studies.

B.B.A. and B.B.M. are two important courses that are included in the business courses. Both are undergraduate programs, and are generally three year programs. B.B.A. or Bachelor of Business Administration is more focused on the content which deals with studies of administrative level. It covers a range of subjects including general business courses as well as advanced courses. A student gets familiar with the basic knowledge regarding all the working units of the company such as marketing, finance, etc.

It aims at developing the executive personality and managerial skills of the students. Students prefer M.B.A. course as their graduate program after completion of this course.

Like B.B.A, B.B.M. is also a three year undergraduate degree program. It mainly focuses on the studies of management level. The aim of this program is to develop managerial skills in the students. It also tries to develop individuals who are multi skilled and can be a real asset to any type of management. It is important to mention that many times there is no difference in course curriculum. They both refer to the same degree and it is the choice of the institution or university to select the name of the course.

Both these courses are also similar in many terms. They both have their roots in commerce and management foundation courses. Most of the times, they tend to be the same in curriculum and core content. There is only a subtle difference between the two that too for only some institutions. B.B.M. tends to familiarize the students with the management techniques that are being used in the corporate world. On the other hand, B.B.M. prepares students to be able to manage and supervise business-related tasks of a company. B.B.M. and B.B.A. may also differ in the specialization areas provided by them.

Comparison between B.B.A. and B.B.M. (based on some colleges where they both are little different from each other):




Full Form

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Management

Course Tenure

Generally three years (undergraduate program)

Generally three years (undergraduate program)


Studies at administration level

Studies at management level


Administrative studies

Analytical and Logical Oriented studies


Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Real Estate, Human Resource Management, International Business, Information technology, etc

Marketing, Finance, HRM, Management of Services, Management of global Business & Tourism Management etc.

Image Courtesy: subodhpgcollege.com, simsedu.co.in

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