Difference between Has and Have

Key difference: “Has” and “Have” denote possession; they are a form of the word ‘had”. “Has” is used for singular subjects; whereas “Have” is used in case of plural subjects.

Have and has are present tense conjugations of the verb “to have”. Also, the two are basically known as helping verbs.

The word “has” is generally used in the third person perspective. It is basically used along with singular subjects. It is used with the verbs which are expressed in continuous forms. It is used in the present tense format. Its usage is always applicable at the time of expressing possession.

For example:

  • Jerry has an X-Box 360.
  • Bhagat Singh has a great personality.
  • The water tank has a leak in it.
  • It has a hole near the wall.
  • If Bob has done his work, he can take the leave.

The word “have” is used in the past tense. It is applicable with the plural subjects. It is also used with some pronouns and plural nouns. Mostly, the word “have” is used along with the past participle. It describes any action which had started in the past and is still being continued along the process.

For example:

  • Peas and Bhupati have finished the tournament.
  • Doctors have tried to do their best.
  • I have never tried entering the lift.
  • I finished the food and have realized the hard work behind preparing it.
  • I have everything I wanted.

Comparison between Has and Have:




Meaning according to Dictionary.com

“a 3rd person singular present indicative of have”

“to possess; own; hold for use; contain”


Has are present tense forms.

Have is the present infinitive form.

Verb forms

It is a singular verb.

It is plural verb.

Applicable for

It is applicable only for the singular third person perspective.

It can be used suitably in singular as well as plural forms.

Used with

Commonly, used with HE, SHE and IT.

Commonly, used with I, WE, YOU and THEY.


Luther has changed the American Society.

We have all that we needed.

Image Courtesy: grammar.wordzila.com

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Which one is correct? Has to be paid /have to be paid or must be paid

They are all correct. It depends on the context of the sentence.
For example,
This bill has to be paid.
He has to be paid.
I have to be paid.
The server must be paid.

It all depends on the subject of the sentence, i.e. who the sentence is talking about.

You guys has or have a way of doing magic to my heart. Which one is correct?

John and James has or have a ball each?

You should use" have "

john and james have a ball each

John and james have a ball each.

John and james has a ball each

John and James have a ball each. Since we are referring to them as together, they are considered as plural.

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