Difference between Longboard and Skateboard

Key Difference: Skateboard is a small board that measures approximately 3 feet in length and has a curved structure. A longboard on the other hand is significantly longer than the skateboard, measuring up to 4 and a half to 5 feet.

The age long discussion between what is harder, a skateboard or a longboard, has been plaguing extreme sports enthusiasts for years. However, if one ever suggests that both are same or similar, you would definitely make some enemies.

While on the surface, the idea of longboarding and skateboarding might seem the same, there are huge differences between the two. Both are even considered as completely different sports. Although, they have been derived from a similar background, a surfboard, they have evolved to be two different activities.

Skateboard is a small board that measures approximately 3 feet in length and has a curved structure. The nose and the tail of the skateboard is curved, allowing for a better grip for riders to flip the board and perform tricks. The board includes the deck, which is often taped with a rough paper-like adhesive that allows a sturdier grip, which keeps the rider from slipping off the board.

The skateboard is also created mostly for a park or a skateboard park, where it is used for riding on ramps and performing numerous tricks such as flips and spins.

A longboard on the other hand is significantly longer than the skateboard, measuring up to 4 and a half to 5 feet. This board is also often pointed from the front and the back and is wider than the skateboard. The wheels are not underneath the board, but instead are placed at the very end and stick out with the pointed part being between them.

The longboard may or may not have a rough adhesive, but is sturdier because of its length and width. The longboard also does not require the rider to use the ground to push, but instead use the body to fuel the board. Longboard are most commonly used on flat concrete roads or downhill areas, where it is used to ride from one place to another and perform twists and turns.

Longboards can also be used to perform simple tricks such as flipping the board and barrel rolls, but it is more commonly used to surf the land, in other words for cruising.

The boards and the sport share nothing in common but the history, while significantly differing from each other in so many ways.

Comparison between Longboard and Skateboard:





A sports equipment similar to a skateboard but is longer that doesn’t have a curved structure

A sports equipment that is shorter with a curved structure to make it easier to perform tricks


130 cm, or 51 inches

91 cm, or approximately 3 feet


Decks, Pintails, Trucks, Riser pads, Bearings, Wheels

Deck, Grip tape, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings

Emerging Era


1940s to 1950s


cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding, and transport

Performing tricks


Good for cruising because of their long length that gives stability

Bad for cruising because the short length makes the board unsteady


The board has been designed that the rider can control speed by pushing on the front of the board without taking his feet of the board

Skateboard uses foot contact on the ground to push against the concrete to gain thrust


Is more balanced because of its length and design

Is less balanced because of the short length


Riders can perform tricks such as flipping the board, barrel rolls and ramping. However, it is mostly used for cruising

Can include tricks such as

Alpha Flip, Anti Casper Flip, Backside Flip, Backside Heelflip, Big Heelflip, Bigflip

Biggerflip, Bigspin, Biggerspin, Bubble Flip, Bullflip, Caballerial Flip, etc.

Image Courtesy: atomlongboards.com, scan.asso.insa-lyon.fr

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