Difference between Rented House and Paying Guest

Key Difference: Rented house is a kind of accommodation which means that entire house is given to the tenant, whereas Paying Guest refers to another way of providing accommodation in which the guest is usually provided a portion of the house and the owner usually takes care of the food along with the lodging facilities. A guest needs to share the space with the owner.

If a person owns a house in the place he is currently residing then, he stays in his own house. Taking a scenario of a different situation where a person is compelled to stay at another place where he does not possess any accommodation, then he is left with choices like renting a house or staying as a paying guest. Stay at hotels would be very expensive and is not apt for long time stay. Thus the person is left with two choices and they are either to rent a house or to stay as a paying guest.

Rented houses provide an accommodation from the landlord to the tenant. The whole house is given to the tenant and the tenant needs to pay the rent to the landlord in exchange of this facility. The rent may be paid monthly, annually or in some other manner. This depends upon the feasibility. The house may be furnished or semi furnished. Generally, the rent of fully furnished houses is higher in comparison to semi furnished houses. The landlord does not stay with the tenant, therefore the privacy of the tenant is entirely maintained. However, a landlord may give some instructions to the tenant. These instructions generally involve the maintenance of the house. In many cases, a security deposit is also taken by the landlord, this security amount is refundable. In most of the cases the tenant is asked to pay for the bills related to the house like electricity bill, etc.

Paying Guests or P.G. is generally popular with students. As the name indicates, this accommodation is related with the feel of guest. Generally, in a P.G. accommodation a person is treated like guest but it does not mean that one does not have to pay for the accommodation. It is known as P.G. because it originally meant staying at owner’s accommodation in which a room or some space is provided and the owner may still live in the same house. However, today P.G also refers to an accommodation where it is shared by few people and the owner does not stay in the same house or flat. Generally, these P.G. provides the food facility and can be accompanied by various other services like cleaning, etc. It depends upon the owner of P.G. that what kinds of services he wants to include in his accommodation. Another important thing to note is that why bachelors prefer P.G. The reason is straightforward, they do not want to worry about food, electricity bills etc, as in most of the P.G.’s these all are taken care of by the owner.

Rented houses are generally preferred by families as they need more space and privacy of the family is also maintained, whereas P.G’s are preferred by students or single working people. The rented houses have higher rents than in comparison to P.G., but again it depends upon the facilities provided by the owners and may vary. They both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. As in a P.G., the owner mostly stays along; the guest needs to take care of lot of things and is not given the same liberty that a tenant gets in a rented house. But the preference depends upon various factors like specific requirements, availability, rent, etc.

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