Difference between Sunglasses and Power Glasses

Key Difference: Sunglasses are eye wear glasses that are used for the protection of the eyes from the bright light and harmful rays of sun, whereas power sunglasses do not only provide protection from bright light and harmful rays of sun but also correct the vision.

Sunglasses are preferred by everyone, they protect our precious eyes form the harmful rays of sun and are also considered to be trend setters. Sunglasses have been highly popular because of their versatile designs. Everyone must be familiar with the sunglasses but very few might know the actual difference between power sunglasses and regular sunglasses.

Power sunglasses serve all the basic purposes of being sunglasses, but apart from it they are also used for the correction of vision. These power sunglasses are very popular among the youngsters as power sunglasses cater to all their fashion needs pertaining to an eye wear. Many people think spectacles or reading glasses as boring, and thus these power sunglasses have been designed to serve both the purposes: - one can correct his vision as well as use these glasses as stylish sunglasses. Let us find the differences in the following section of the article.

There are numerous designs, numerous colors of lens and even some crazy designs, but in nutshell they are something that one must definitely have in his or her personal collection. These sunglasses are also used to enhance the style, apart from being used as an eye protection gadget.

Ultra violet rays emitted by the sun are not good for the eyes and thus eyes need to be protected from these rays. Thus, sunglasses provide the protection from these dangerous rays. These rays can also damage vision by clouding eye lens and burning through the delicate film and cells of our retina. Sunglasses have been devised to protect the eyes from the ultra violet rays.  The intense lights can be blocked from reaching to the eyes. It is believed that good sunglasses can block light entering the eyes by as much as 97 percent.

Now let’s focus on the power sunglasses, they serve the same purpose as the normal sunglasses but they also stand out due to the special ability of vision correction that is included in the power sunglasses. They are known for providing the better and clear vision than normal sunglasses. The main three features provided by the power sunglasses are:-

1. Optical clarity: it defines the optical distinctness with which an object can be seen. Power sunglasses provide a better optical clarity.

2. High glare reduction: it defines the reduction of high glare as due to high glare the 

vision gets partially impaired. The strong reflections of light are responsible for creating this glare. This glare can be reduced by using power sunglasses.

3. Cuts off UV rays: Ultra violet rays are very harmful for the eyes and can create a lot of problems. The power sunglasses block a high percentage of these rays.

They may also come with the power factor just as in the case of spectacles. An eye specialist suggests a certain power glasses for people who might be facing problems with the vision. The problems may be involving long sightedness, short sightedness or astigmatism. Power sunglasses thus needs prescription of an eye specialist.

Power sunglasses are known to provide a high quality of optical clarity and also reduces glare. A high graded optical material is used to make power sunglasses. Today, there is a vast range of options to choose from the world of power sunglasses. They have been designed tastefully and artistically. They tend to be eye catchers. 

If you are bored with your look and want to experiment with a fresh look, then just keep aside your boring spectacles and get new stylish power sunglasses for yourself. You would certainly get thrilled after seeing the options that are available in the market.

Image Courtesy: apnnews.com, readers.com

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