Difference between Title and Position

Key difference: Title is a name or epithet signifying rank, work of art, musical or function. Position is defined as the manner in which a person or a thing is placed.

In certain contexts, title is a prefix or suffix added before or after someone’s name. It also signifies an official position or a professional or academic qualification. It is also used in the term of respect. Few titles are hereditary. Titles can be classified as:

Honorific titles - a phase used to convey respect or to recognize an attribute such as:

  •     Nobility
  •     Academic degree
  •     Title of honors

Authority title - it specifies the office or position held by an official.

The following are default titles:

  •     Mr. - adult male
  •     Miss - adult female
  •     Mrs. - married adult female

Legislative and Executive titles:

  •     Representative
  •     Speaker
  •     Governor

Aristocrat titles:

  •     Prince
  •     Count

Titles used by knights, dames and baronets:

  •     Sir
  •     Dame

Above specified are few examples wherein the titles are used in various references. A title can be a distinctive name of a book, a movie or its subtitle, art, musical or a literary composition. Title can be the heading of a statue or a book of law. It can either be a customary right or a spiritual charge in the church. There are university degrees used as titles. Titles can be historic, elected or appointed.

Position is the place, situation or location of a person or a thing. It is the appropriate or customary location. It can also be referred to as a post of employment or job. It can be termed as the social standing in the status of the society. It is also a part of a place in the field from where the player operates. In terms of music, it is defined as the vertical spacing or layout of the written notes in a chord. Chords arranged with the three upper voices close together are in a close position. Chords whose notes are evenly or widely distributed are in an open position. In finance, it is the market position of currencies or commodities. It is a spot, a locality or a rank used in various references. Few other examples can be given as:

  • Science and Mathematics - Position is a mathematical identity of relative location.
  • Humanities - Social position is the position of an individual in society. 

Comparison between Title and Position:





It is a name or epithet signifying rank, work of art, musical or function.

It is defined as the manner in which a person or a thing is placed.


It signifies the name.

It signifies the place.

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