Difference between E-reader and Tablet

Key Difference: A tablet can be considered as a lighter and smaller version of a laptop. On the other hand, an e-reader has been specifically designed for downloading and reading electronic copies of e-books, magazines, etc. A tablet provides greater functionality than in compassion to an e-reader. However, e-readers are cheaper than tablets.

A tablet can be considered as a smaller version of a laptop. It has nearly all basic functionalities of a laptop. The components like display, battery and circuitry are all incorporated in a single unit.  People prefer to use tablets as they are easy to use while travelling. One can easily browse the internet, create presentations, check mails, download books, download and use apps, play games, watch movies, etc. in a tablet. Although most of the tablets are not considered to be as powerful as laptops, still they are opted for their light weight and thin size.

A tablet is best to buy if one is looking for a device specifically for entertainment like watching tv, listening to music, watching videos and downloading e-books. A tablet is more dependent on its touch technology than mice and keyboards.

An e-reader is another useful handheld device which is used for reading electronic versions of books, etc. A person whose main concern is to download and read e-books prefers an e-reader as it is cheaper that a tablet. Tablets can also read electronic versions of book, and therefore one can say that tablets covers a broad spectrum of functions than in comparison to e-readers. E-readers are provided with the facility of inbuilt access to online book stores which makes it convenient for users to download many e-books.

An inbuilt email program also comes integrated with most of the E-readers. However, a user needs to get a new email address for the vendor’s email system. Another important difference is in terms of convenience.

Black and whiter E-readers use e Ink® Technology, and therefore does not cause glare problems like in the case of tablets. Generally, e-readers are smaller and lighter than tablets, and therefore e-readers are easier to carry while travelling. Touchscreens have been an integral facility of the tablet, but now e-readers are also starting to use the same technology. In addition, e-readers are also starting to include full mobile operating systems like Android, which will make them enable to access full mobile web browsers. Unlike e-readers, tablets can make use of keyboards.

, Comparison between E-reader and Tablet:





An e-reader has been specifically designed for downloading and reading electronic copies of e-books, magazines.

A tablet can be considered as a lighter and smaller version of a laptop. 

Designed for

 Downloading electronic books, magazines and newspapers from a wireless store

Functioning as a laptop with nearly able to perform all basic activities of a laptop. One can access inter, download e-books, make presentations, etc.

Size and weight

Usually smaller and lighter than tablet

Usually bigger and heavier than e-reader


Comparatively cheaper

Comparatively expensive

Battery life

Generally more

Generally less

Screen size

Generally 5-7 inches

Generally 7 to 10 inches

Image Courtesy: anandtech.com, mashable.com

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