Difference between Jeans and Chinos

Key Difference: Jeans and Chinos are both garments that differ in the way they’re made. Jeans are made out of a heavy twill fabric, whereas Chinos are made using a fabric of lighter twill.

Jeans and chinos have come to define the style statement of urban populations all over the world. No wardrobe is considered complete without the inclusion of these garments. From the perspective of style and comfort as well, jeans and chinos find their membership in hordes of designers, retail stores, etc., who want to make decent profits by making these apparel available to the consumers.

Jeans have come a long way since their introduction by Levi Strauss, back in the year 1873. Jeans are basically made of denim, the fabric with the twill and diagonal pattern. Worn by young and old alike, jeans are very convenient to use. They can be used over and over again, without washing or ironing them like linen or cotton trousers. Jeans also lend a rugged and casual look at the same time to a person wearing a pair of them. Among teenagers and young adults, jeans is ‘the’ fashionable garment of their choice.

The word 'Chino' means roasted, which is why one can see many brown colored chinos available in the market. Originally, chinos were designed for the armies of France and the United Kingdom. For this reason, the chinos are comfortable to wear and use. Chinos are made from a light twill fabric of pure cotton. The manufacturing process of a Chino cloth deeply resembles the making of Khaki. This is also a part of the reason why chinos are known as khakis in various parts of the world.

As far as the difference between these two garments is concerned, the distinction is clear. Both jeans, as well as chinos, are made from twill fabric, but the twill used for jeans is heavier than that used for making chinos. The color most identified with jeans is blue, whereas chinos vary in their colors from being brown to khaki to any other skin color. Chinos are mostly worn in the spring and summer season, whereas jeans have no particularly designated season, as they can be worn at any occasion and at any time. Moreover, jeans have many variants in slim fit, regular fit, boot cut, skinny fit, relaxed fit, etc., but chinos are available only in their standard trouser form.

Thus, there lies a considerable amount of difference between jeans and chinos.

Comparison between Jeans and Chinos:




Introduction Jeans were introduced to the world by Levi Strauss in the year 1873. Chinos were designed originally as uniform wear for the armies of France and the United Kingdom.

Made of

Denim, heavy twill fabric

Cotton, lighter twill fabric

Worn in

No particular season, jeans can be worn at any time of the year.

Chinos are mostly worn in the spring and summer seasons.

Casual wear

Jeans are considered more casual as compared to chinos.

Chinos are considered less casual as compared to jeans.


Jeans are mostly identified by their trademark blue color. Though many fades and dyes of blue and other colors are in trend at present.

Chinos are mostly found in brown colors or skin colors, but they are also found in a variety of other colors these days.


Jeans have their many variants in slim fit, regular fit, boot cut, skinny fit, relaxed fit, etc.

Chinos are only available in their standard trouser style.

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