Difference between Men's and Women's Sunglasses

Key difference: Sunglasses are casual and informal essentials in both men’s and women’s everyday wear. Actually, it is found that, women’s sunglasses are more attractive and colorful in comparison to that of the men’s sunglasses. 

Both, men and women prefer sunglasses as a style icon and also to protect the eyes especially during the hot season. They add a fashionable appearance when preferred with casual and informal wears. Nowadays they are preferred by all, including by all ages, and are available in a variety of brands, designs and styles. They add an extra fashionable look to the attire. 

Earlier men’s sunglasses had dark lenses, and were mostly perfectly round, or square-shaped. As men are choosy in colors, generally their sunglasses are available in standard colors, as these are considered to be more formal and general. The aviator sunglasses have darker color hands along with wider arms. More often, men’s sunglasses frames closely resemble the standard glass frames. Hence, their sunglasses are designed to add a perfect masculine appearance to an individual’s personality and attire.

On the other hand, women’s sunglasses are too feminine in looks, as they add a certain amount of glamour and sexiness when worn. They are especially designed to add an attractive appearance to an individual’s personality. The designers sometimes create an oversized frame for women to make their facial features appear more petite, also there are aviator sunglasses with embellishments in order to enhance the appeal of a woman’s aesthetics.

When compared, men and women sunglasses differ in many aspects. The frame sizes in men’s are smaller as compared to that of women, as the frames on men's sunglasses closely resemble the frames of standard glasses. The color keeps on differing according to their choices, i.e. men’s sunglasses consist of lighter and standard colors while women’s sunglasses are of girlish colors like that of green, bright white, pink and blue. Men’s sunglasses are made up of wires frames while that of women’s are made up of plastics. Generally, men’s sunglasses resemble more of a standard look, while women’s are of a less conventional look. The women’s sunglasses are made up of more attractive designs like the leopard print, polka dots and other eye-catching, unconventional patterns as compared to that of the men’s sunglasses.

Comparison between Men's and Women's Sunglasses:


Men's Sunglasses

Women's Sunglasses

Frame size

The frame size is smaller as compared to that of women’s sunglasses.

The frame size is broader (as they are made up of plastics, which broaden their frame sizes).


Add a masculine look to men’s personality.

Add a feminine look to women’s personality.


There are available in standard colors.

They are available in green, bright white, pink and blue.

Frame material

They frames are made up of wires.

Their frames are made up of plastics.


They are too formal and standard in look.

They are less conventional and attractive, glamorous and sexy in look.

Shapes available

Oval, Oversize, Rectangular, Round, Square, Aviator, Wrap, Semi-Rimless, Retro, etc.

Oval, Oversize, Rectangular, Round, Square, Hexagonal, Cat Eye, Aviator, Wrap, Semi-Rimless, Retro, etc.


  • Oakley
  • Ray-Ban
  • Gucci
  • Dior
  • Fastrack 


  • Oakley
  • Ray-Ban
  • Gucci
  • Dior
  • Fastrack 


Image Courtesy: myeyelab.com, leightonsopticians.com

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