Difference between Offer Letter and Confirmation Letter

Key Difference: An offer letter and a confirmation letter, both are important documents in the process of recruitment. If the candidate is found to be suitable for the company, an offer letter is provided to the candidate. It mentions the details like position and salary offered by the company. On the other hand, a confirmation letter is provided to the employee who has successfully completed his probation and company hires him as a permanent employee of the company.

Recruitments may follow a series of steps. It all depends upon the company to select a particular pattern for the recruitment cycle. However, the basic steps remain the same for almost every company. The letters play an important role in the recruitment or hiring cycle. These letters are official letters that are provided on the behalf of company to the employee in order to convey some important information. Offer letter and confirmation letter are such two letters.

Let us first find about the offer letter. If a candidate successfully clears all round of interviews and selection process, then he is found suitable for the specific job profile. The company in that case, offers him the job. The offer of the job is summed up in a offer letter. This letter contains the details like job profile, packages, other incentives, etc. In addition to this, an offer letter usually asks the candidate to submit the necessary documents and certified copies.

It may also contain the information of probation or training period that a candidate needs to serve in the company. The probation period is the time when the performance of the candidate or employee is watched and if he is found to be suitable in all regards then he is confirmed for the job.

Confirmation brings a lot of benefits. Generally, the salary package of a confirmed employee is greater than an employee on probation. A confirmed employee might get more incentives like medical etc. Confirmation also means that the company expects the employee to have a long lasting relationship with the company. Therefore, the company issues a confirmation letter to the employee stating that his job is now confirmed.

This letter also contains the details regarding the benefits of being confirmed. It may also state the change in salary, if any. This letter covers all the benefits that the candidate is now entitled with. Role and responsibility might also expand after the confirmation and hence, these are also mentioned in the letter.

On the other hand, during the probation period, if the candidate is not able to prove himself fit for that specific job, then the confirmation letter is not provided to the candidate. The probation period gets extended or the employment is annulled. In case the probation period gets extended, then still an employee gets the second chance to prove himself. After successful completion of the extended period, the candidate can still get the confirmation letter.

These letters are official documents that are used as a correspondence between a candidate or employee and the company. Thus, it is very important that a person should properly read the terms and conditions as well as every detail mentioned in the letter before making any decision. A good offer letter should be able to tempt an eligible candidate. A confirmation letter should be able to provide all the details regarding the confirmation clearly.

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