Difference between Real and Fake Burberry

Key Difference: Real Burberry uses high-quality designs. Whereas, fake Burberry items are only a copy of the design of the original/real Burberry's brands.

Burberry is a high-end designer bag that originated in England in 1856. It is still a very famous brand and is often copied. Some shopkeepers sell fake Burberry claiming it’s the real one. So, as a buyer one should know the difference between real Burberry and fake Burberry, which will help one in identifying the real brand and prevent one from getting cheated with a fake product.

Real Burberry uses high-quality fabric and the lines are perfectly straight of all Burberry products. The products of Burberry have precise stitching and quality buckles. The buttons and zippers are also of good quality with a logo of knight riding a horse. Today, the Nova check design is the most common Burberry bags used by women and girls. They are very unique and the stripes are very attractive. The difference between a fake Burberry design and a real Burberry design is that the real Burberry designs uses pink stripes rather than red stripes.

The fake Burberry items only try to copy the design of a brand, but they are not able to give the excellent handicraft and quality materials, which the original brand gives. They are not worth buying because if analyzed, it would just be a waste of money. Instead of spending on fake Burberry it will be better to spend a little more and buy a real one. Of course it has been observed from so many years that branded or real products are best for money and a treasure for oneself.

Comparison between Real Burberry and Fake Burberry:


Real Burberry

Fake Burberry


High-quality fabric; scarves and handbags are made of other fabrics such as leather, silk or canvas.

Low quality fabric; flaws or tears in the fabric.


Knight riding a horse, just like the trademarked Burberry symbol on the official website of Burberry.

The retailers try to copy the symbol, but often do not get it right.


Labels are neatly secured with fine stitching and correct spelling.

Labels are misspelled.


Wrap around folds, there is no break and lines are perfectly straight.

Checks are often copied and the lines are not perfectly straight.


The Nova check only has three thick lines and is always symmetrical.

There is no symmetry in lines.

Minute details

Designer garments and accessories have a fine detail into each piece, good stitching and quality buckles, buttons and zippers.

They do not focus on details. Zippers and buttons, and stitching and buckles are not of good quality.


If the print is even and straight, the product is authentic.

If the print is uneven or messy, the product is not authentic.


In buckles and zippers, symbols and names are featured.

In buckles and zippers, symbols and names are not featured.

Image Courtesy: stepbystep.com, stepbystep.com

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Is there a source that will look at and tell me if my Burberry is authentic?

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