Difference between Teller and Cashier

Key Difference: Teller and cashier refer to job positions in a bank. They both are the same and refer to a bank employee who directly interacts with the customer. He is mainly responsible for managing and carrying out basic activities in a bank like processing, verifying and balancing the transactions.

Teller and cashier are two terms related to job profiles in the banking sector. A teller is a bank employee who directly interacts with the customers. As most of the work is related to cash based transactions, a teller is also known as the cashier sometimes. Therefore, there is no difference between a teller and a cashier. In banking sector, both are used synonymously.

A teller or cashier is very key personnel in the bank as he or she deals directly with the account holders or customers of the bank. They mainly carry out the transactions like withdrawal and deposits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics consider bank teller to be the most common job profile or position at a bank. In order to carry out transactions related to cash, a teller needs to first verify the identity of the customer. After verification, a bank teller carries out the transaction as desired by the customer under the rules and regulations of the bank. Cashier is just the other word for teller, and therefore one must not consider them to be different job positions.

The main responsibilities and duties of a cashier includes – settlement of cash transactions, process withdrawal of cash and currency in the bank, accept deposit checks, handle bank checks and cards order for customers, collect and count cash at shift commencement, etc. Generally, bank trains the candidate after selecting him for the position of teller or cashier. Bank teller or cashier jobs are entry level positions in bank. A bank teller must be efficiently trained so that he carries out the bank transactions promptly and suitably. They must be able to identify and verify customers, as this is very important for activities like cash check authorization.

Apart from the banking and finance sector, cashier is also used to refer to a person who receives the payments for goods or services in a shop. Therefore, the usage of the term cashier is not restricted to banks only. The term teller may also be simply used for a narrator. The term teller is also used to refer to an automated teller machine as its short form. A teller may also be used to refer to the person who is responsible for counting votes during a legislative assembly.

Comparison between Teller and Cashier:





Teller refers to a bank employee who directly interacts with the customer. He is mainly responsible for carrying out transactions related to cash deposition or withdrawal in a bank

Another term for Teller

Other meanings

  • Short for Automated teller Machine
  • A narrator
  • A person who is responsible for counting votes during a legislative assembly
  • A person who receives payment in exchange of goods or services in a shop

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