Difference between Pulsar 220 DTSI and Pulsar 220 DTS-FI

Key Difference: Both Pulsar 220 DTS-i and Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi are models of motorcycles by the company named as Bajaj Auto. The Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi is Bajaj’s first fuel injected bike. On the other hand, the latest version of Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi uses a carburetor.

In July 2007, Bajaj started selling its 220 DTS-i model. In 2009, the company launched yet another version of Pulsar 220 that was tagged as the fastest bike in India. In 2010, the company released a variant of the Pulsar 220 known as Pulsar 220S (street fighter), which had almost all the features of Pulsar 220 except the front fairing.

The current version of Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i comes in all black styling. It has a 3D chiseled logo, split seats and vertical stack twin projector headlamps. These features enhance the sporty look of the bike and give it an aerodynamic design.

This bike is equipped by a 4 stroke, 220 cc, 21 Ps, Digital Twin Spark Ignition engine and the company associated the bike with the most powerful engine its class, which gives highest output and mileage.

BBC World Wheels Viewers Choice Two Wheeler of the Year 2003 – IBBC World Wheels

BBC World Wheels Award for Best Two Wheeler between Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 70,000 – IBBC World Wheels

Bajaj started selling Pulsar 200 DTS-Fi in July 2007. DTS-Fi stands for digital twin spark fuel injection. It featured fuel injection and oil cooled engines. It was equipped with a digital dash and also a modern styling.

This model has also won the IMOTY Award in the category of Indian Motorcycle of the Year 2008 – All Auto Mags – Overdrive, AutoCar, BS, Bike, Top Gear and also the award for Bike of the Year 2008 – Overdrive.

The only feature that sets DTS-Fi apart from other Pulsars of the same section is that it is a fuel injected one and not available now. It is discontinued.

Currently, only one Pulsar 220 model by Bajaj is available, known as the Pulsar 220F or Pulsar 220 DTS-i.

Images Courtesy: bajajauto.com

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