Difference between Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads

Key Difference: Boosted Posts allow you to quickly boost an already published post to help it reach a wider audience by allowing you to select the audience’s location, age and interest. Facebook Ads are a bit more complex where you have to design a complete ad for your business that you can then publish on Facebook. It offers features such as audience location, age, interest, ad scheduling time, call to action button, multiple image option, etc.

Boosted PostsOnly if you have been living under a rock, have you not heard about Facebook. It is the biggest social media platform that currently exists, with over billions of profiles on it. And while it was designed with another intention in mind, it has slowly grown into one of the biggest advertisement platforms today. Facebook is one of the best ways to advertise a product or a service, especially for smaller companies.

Facebook offers a number of advertising options that can be modified to suite the unique business needs of each individual business, controlled by Facebook Ad Manager. It also offers assisted help if you are simply a beginner and do not understand working with more advanced options. This is where Facebook Advertising shines and also why it is more popular.

The two most common Facebook advertising options that we come across are Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads. For a lot of people, this can become quite confusing as they can seem similar but they are actually not and they can be used for different reasons. Here are the major differences between Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads.

Boosted Posts can actually be considered as a part of the Facebook Ads, but it does perform a different task when compared. Boosted Posts basically boost the audience reach of a post that has already been published. Have you ever seen a blue ‘Boost Post’ button under your posts, especially your page? Well this button will help boost your already published post, which helps increase your post reach. This allows you to select a few quick options about your target audience including location, age group and interest, before it will show the post in their feed.

Boosted Posts are meant to be a quick and easy way to increase your post reach for likes, comments and shares. These are great for when you want more eyes on your product or if you have an announcement. It allows you to control the audience of the post, the max budget you want to spend on boosting it and also the duration of the boost, which is mostly 2 to 3 days. Boosted Posts are great for newbies as it does not require complex targets or planning. It’s simple, quick and easy.

Facebook AdsOn the other hand, Facebook Ads are a bit more complex process. It offers options for a detailed approach at creating a specific ad on Facebook. In Facebook Ads, you have to create an entire advertisement from scratch based on your business’ needs, including using images and engaging words. Facebook Ads basically creates an ad that you can then publish on other people’s Feeds as well as on Facebook’s sidebar.

The objective of a Facebook Ad is to design an overall engaging post to help people learn about your business as well as what it offers. It is targeted towards website conversions, installs or convincing people to purchase your product/service. Facebook Ads not only allows you to control you audience location, age, and interest,but also behavior, scheduling time (so you can get the views/hits), multiple images, as well as a call to action button, where you can get people to click and send them directly to your website. In short, it offers a wholesome and hands-on approach towards showing off your business. Facebook Ads are often time consuming and best for people who are a bit more experienced with social media advertisements.

Comparison between Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads:


Boosted Posts

Facebook Ads

What they do

Boosted posts are actually a type of Facebook ads. It allows pushing an already published post to a wider audience.

Facebook Ads offer a more detailed approach at creating a specific ad for Facebook. It allows you to design an ad depending on your business’ needs.



Max Budget

Boost Duration

Platform for Running Ads

Objectives of Ad






Less time consuming

More time consuming





Overall brand awareness

App installs

Website conversions

Video views

Shop orders


Offers little control

Overs more control on the type of ad you want show

Facebook Business Page

Does appear on the company’s Facebook Business Page

Does not appear on the Facebook Business Page


Location Targeting

Age & Gender Targeting

Interest Targeting

Location Targeting

Age & Gender Targeting

Interest Targeting

Language Targeting

Behavior Targeting

Ad Scheduling

Call to Action Button

Optimized Bidding

Multiple Images

Instagram Ads

Right-hand side Ads

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Image Courtesy: KoMarketing.com, sproutsocial.com

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