Difference between Sacrifice and Compromise

Key Difference: Sacrifice is about giving up something. It is mostly not driven by any form of selfishness. On the other hand, compromise is a kind of settlement where a person reduces or lowers his demand. Unlike compromise, sacrifice is not done in order to achieve something beneficial.

Sacrifice and compromise have similar ingredients, but still vary from each other in many contexts. Sacrifice and compromise are both related with giving up something which a person is closely attached and giving it up is a major issue for his. However both are different from each other.

To understand the differences, one needs to understand them individually. Sacrifice is all about giving something which is very important. It may be valuable in monetary or non-monetary aspects. A person may sacrifice for various reasons like happiness of the others, an act of generosity, etc. It is generally regarded as an offer made by a person. A person who sacrifices may feel sad after being departed from his or her belonging which is sacrificed, but still he has some kind of satisfaction inside his heart. It is often associated with a good moral ethic.

Compromise is also related to the feeling of not having things as liked by a person. A person compromises just to reach to a settlement, whether it is about giving up an article, or ending an argument. A compromise leaves a person unhappy, as the terms and conditions of compromise are not in favor of the person who needs to compromise, as he tends to oppose any such kind of compromise in the starting, but accepts it later due to some circumstances.

The main difference between sacrifice and compromise is that compromise is done in order to receive something, whereas sacrifice is not coated with any kind of selfishness. Compromise can bring some irritation sometimes, whereas sacrifices are pure in this context, which generally bring peace of mind. Unlike compromise, sacrifice does not want anything in return.

Sacrifices are often driven by emotions, whereas compromises are generally driven by brain statistics. While sacrificing, one is not calculating the loss and gain out of it. On the other hand, compromise calculates everything, and therefore is more biased towards making a compromise which is still more beneficial than being a match looser. 

The term sacrifice is also used in context to certain practices where an offer is made to please the god. However, this type of sacrifice is often done in order to please the God and receive some kind of reward.

Comparison between Sacrifice and Compromise:





It is about losing something which was of great importance or value. It is done deliberately and a person possesses an elated feeling while doing it.

It is also about losing something of great importance or value, but as the outcome of a settlement. A person generally does not feel happy and satisfied after making a compromise.

Content of selfishness

Not attached


Loss of the item being sacrificed/compromised



Important in

Personal relationships

Practical relationships


Choosing from honor, from vision or from a stand.

Choosing from guilt, from fear or from a position.


In India, many people sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country

Finally, Mat and Sally compromised on terms and conditions of the divorce

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