Difference between GRE and GMAT

Key difference: GRE and GMAT are both graduate based examinations. The main difference between the two exams is GRE is given to get admission in most graduate schools, whereas GMAT is given to get admission in most business schools.

The GRE and the GMAT are both standardized tests that are given by individuals who are pursuing postgraduate education. They help in getting admission in the student’s choice of graduate school or management school.

The term GRE stands for ‘Graduate Record Examination’. It is a test given to potential students, prior to their admission in many post graduate programs. Also, it helps in administering tests for institutions around the globe.

The GRE exam is designed by Educational Testing Service. It is generally taken through a computer or paper based version of the exam. The emphasis of this exam is based on testing the abstract thinking of the students. It measures three main subjects:

  • Analytical writing
  • Verbal reasoning and
  • Quantitative reasoning

The student’s receive scores based on the given sections, and the admittance is completely based on the score and the school they apply to. The perfect score for GRE would be 2400.

The time given to complete the test is about 3 hrs or more, depending on the subject. In addition, the test is designed to focus on main or specific subjects too; the students are required to take the exam based on their choice of subject. The subjects included are: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Psychology and Literature in English.

The term GMAT stands for ‘Graduate Management Admission Test’. It is a specific tailored test for individuals entering post graduate business program or schools.

GMAT is intended to test the education level that an individual has acquired over a long-period. The test focuses on four sections:

  • Analytical writing assessment
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Integrative reasoning

The student’s receive scores based on the given sections, plus their total score. The score is completely at the discretion of the institution being applied to.

The time given to complete the test is about 3.5 and is computer based. The GMAT exam is taken or intended to predict how well the student may do in the course of graduate studies.

Comparison between GRE and GMAT:





It stands for ‘Graduate Record Examination’.

It stands for ‘Graduate Management Admission Test’.


It is taken to get admission in most graduate schools and also, business schools.

It is taken to get admission in most business schools.


It is paper-based and computer-adaptive depending on the section formats.

It is a computer-adaptive test.


3 hrs or more, depending on the format.

3.5 hrs.

Focus on

It focuses more on vocabulary and definitions.

It focuses more on logic, reasoning skills and grammar.

Based on

It is based on data interpretation and real-life scenarios.

It is more traditional, and based on word problems.

Test structure

It consists of:

  • A 75-minute Analytic Section with two essays.
  • Two 30- minute Verbal Section
  • Two 30- minute Quantitative Section.
  • A 30-minute Experimental Section that is either math or verbal.

It consist of:

  • A 30-minute Analytic Section with one essay.
  • A 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section.
  • A 75-minute Quantitative section.
  • A 75- minute Verbal section.

Score basis

It is based on verbal and quantitative scores.

It is scored on 130-170 to 1-point increment.

The overall, or composite, score ranges from 200 to 800 points.

It is based on 10-point increments.

Score validity

5 years.

5 years.

Math section

  • There is more emphasis on geometry.
  • The pupil can determine whether if there is sufficient information to solve the problem.
  • There is less emphasis on geometry.
  • The questions are not so information based.

Verbal section

It does not feature this type of questing.

It features sentence correction problems in which the pupil is required to correct grammatical errors.

Test schedule

It is conducted all round the year and can be taken on the student’s choice of date.

The test can be taken unlimited number of times but with a gap of 31 days between two consecutive tests.  


$ 150 (9, 269 rupees)

$ 250 (15, 448 rupees)

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