Difference between Nail Polish Thinner and Remover

Key difference: The nail polish thinner is a chemical solution which is used to restore the nail polish, whereas nail polish remover removes the previous applied nail polish.

A nail polish thinner is a chemical solvent, which has the tendency to restore and maintain the nail polish. It is basically used to maintain the thickness of the nail enamel.

Those nail polishes which are too thick and are difficult to apply are made thin by mixing with the thinner. The thinner liquefies the nail polish and helps in reducing its thickness. The regular nail polish thinners also inhibit the property of certain fast drying nail polishes. They are poisonous which may result in some damages to the nail surface, so precautions are suggested to be taken while using nail thinners.

A nail polish remover is an organic solvent used to remove the previously applied nail polishes.

There are two types of removers available in the market: acetone and acetone-free. The remover chemicals are dehydrators, which dries the skin. They also make the nails brittle and dry. They can resulted in causing harm such as irritation in the eyes. They have a distinct chemical smell and are flammable. Along with liquid solutions, they are also available as individual felt pads saturated with remover, in foam and remover containers, and in bottled liquid form.

Comparison between Nail Polish Thinner and Nail Polish Remover:


Nail Polish Thinner

Nail Polish Remover

Used as

A nail polish thinner restores the nail polish on the nails.

A nail polish remover removes the nail polish from the nails.

Work of the ingredients

These ingredients added to the original nail polish act as solvents in addition to replacing some ingredients that may have evaporated over time.


These chemical acts as dehydrators which remove the nail polish from the nails.


They are mostly available in liquid forms.

They are also available in individual felt pads in saturated forms.


They are used to liquefy the nail polish by reducing its thickness and viscosity.

They are used to remove the previously applied nail paints and polishes.


These include the ingredients such as: acetone, butyl acetate, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, hexane, isopropyl alcohol, or heptane.

The principle ingredients in most removers are acetone, ethyl acetate or butyl acetate, and alcohol.


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