Difference between Talent and Skill

Key Difference: Talent refers to the natural aptitude or ability to do something. On the other hand, skill refers to the ability which is acquired by training and practicing. Only a limited number of people are bestowed with talent, however, anyone with the right potential and will is eligible for learning a skill.

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Talent refers to the natural ability to do something in an extraordinary manner.  A person is born with talent. A talented person does not have to put extra effort as it comes to him naturally. The word is used in context to various fields like – singing, painting, dancing, etc. When we use the word talented for people in these particular fields, it means that these people have inate abilities in the fields of singing, painting and dancing respectively. Due to these abilities, they are distinguished from other people.

Talent is often exhibited at a young age, and the person starts getting attention from everyone due to his talent. Recognition of the talent is of prime importance as many a times talent gets wasted due to people's inability to recognize it.

Skill is often contrasted with talent. It is also the ability to do something, but a person is not born with it. It is achieved by a lot of hard work. Thus unlike talent, skills are something that can be learned. Sometimes it takes many years to acquire the skills in an effective manner. This word is for those who believe that nothing is impossible. A proper training is must in order to get acquainted with the desired skills. Proper practicing and training are required to learn and master the skill.

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Simply, one can say that skills can be taught but not talent. Unlike talent, skills require the potential to learn as well as effort to get trained. Talent is a natural gift, and therefore not everyone has this special attribute. On the other hand, anyone with a strong will and potential can acquire skills by putting forth effort.

Comparison between Talent and Skill:





Ability that one is born with

Ability that one acquires


From Latin talenta, plural of talentum 'weight, sum of money

From late Old English scele 'knowledge',



Computer Programming

Important Factor

Recognition of the talent

Development of the skill

Considered as

Natural skill

Demonstrated talent


Natural, little or no knowledge, experience or effort is required

Nurtured, a lot of time and effort are required


Is limited to a certain number of people

Can be acquired by anyone who has the potential and dedication

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