Different Types of Cables

Key Difference: There are four different types of cables: aluminium cables, copper cables, industrial cables and fiber optic cables.

Wires and cables play in important role in today’s world where everything runs on electricity. Without electricity, the world plunges into darkness where phones cannot be charged and lamps don’t function. All our basic necessities include using electricity. In order for the electricity to power equipment, one requires cables.

There are many different types of cables that can be found based on their application. These cables are often distinguished based on their make. There are four major types of cables that are used: aluminium, copper, industrial and fiber optic.

Aluminum Cables

Aluminum cables can often be found when dealing with electricity, because of their high conductive nature. These cables are ductile, light weight, non-magnetic and are perfect for heavy-duty applications. It is also ecofriendly since aluminum can be recycled. These cables are used in motors, electric lights and even telephone lines.

Copper Cables

Similar to aluminum cables, copper cables are also highly conducive, ductile, light-weight and flexible and are commonly used in major electrical segments such as mining, electronics, transportation, and telecommunication. Because of their usage in the telecommunication sector, they are also known as Telecommunication Cables. These cables are used in microwave ovens, integrated circuits, electromagnets, electrical bus bars, electrical switches, etc.

Industrial Cables

Industrial cables are high duty cables that require being able to withstand extreme temperatures and are often used in chemical plants, oil refineries, aviation, pharmaceutical companies, etc. These cables are able to resist flames, chemicals, grease, etc. There are various different types of cables that have been created depending on the sector where it is used. These include Coaxial Cables, Armored Shielded Instrumentation Cables, Control Cables and several other Industrial Power Cables.

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables are fairly new in the cable sector and is made with one or more translucent fibers that are covered with a protective jacket. Cables with a single fiber is known as Simplex Fiber Optical Cables, while one with two fibers is known as Duplex Fiber Optical. Cables with three or more fibers are labeled as Multi-Fiber Optical Cable. These cables are used in the telecommunication and computer sector because of its ability to send and receive data quickly.

There are many more different types of cables, but they are often classified under these four main categories.

Image Courtesy: petervaldivia.com, havells.com

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