Difference between Advice and Advise

Key Difference: Advice acts as a noun which means an opinion recommended or offered. Advise acts as a verb which means to notify something.

People often get confused over the terms advice and advise. They look and sound similar and therefore, at many times people use them interchangeably. The usage of one in place of the other is not a big deal. The differences between both the terms are simple enough.

Dictionary.com defines advice as:

  • An opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.
  • A communication, especially from a distance, containing information: advice from abroad informs us that the government has fallen.
  • An official notification, especially one pertaining to a business agreement

Advice acts as a noun which means an opinion recommended or offered. One can give an advice for the problem or give a solution.

Dictionary.com defines advise as:

  • To give counsel to; offer an opinion or suggestion as worth following
  • To recommend as desirable, wise, prudent, etc.

Advise acts as a verb which means to give advice. The advise can also mean to notify something.

Comparison between Advice and Advise:





A suggestion or opinion for something, like counsel

To give advice or to notify





Information, guidance, counsel

Instruction, suggestion, notify


  • What advice do you have for someone going into the field of media?
  • She who can take advice is sometimes superior to her who can give it.
  • There are many who can receive advice, but only the wise get the benefit from it.
  • Clear and concise, this book is a merger of motivational and concrete advice.
  • If this information is incorrect, please advise!
  • The authors advise introducing new foods slowly but determinedly.
  • Attach yourself to those who advise you rather than praise you.
  • Those who all have used this program have advised caution.

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it's all good except where it says verb and then immediately after, synonyms include instructions, suggestion... it should be instruct, suggest and so on, in one word VERBS

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