Difference between Author and Writer

Key difference: In literary and creative writings, an ‘author’ is the one who originally creates his own content, whereas a ‘writer’ is the one who writes any sort of content concerned to the relevant topics assigned to him. 

Generally, the words "author" and "writer" are synonymous. Authors and Writers play a vital role in spreading knowledge and information in the society. The information industry is not concerned about what background does an author or writer belong to, but is only concerned with the type and quality of content that they provide. These roles are highly influenced by the current civilization and the scenarios related to it. They are the real knowledge and information providers.

Author is the one who develops and brings content into existence. The word author refers to those people who write books, stories, articles, etc. professionally. Narrowly, they are the real developers of any written work. Authors have to create, develop and communicate an idea. As they are the real creators of any content, they have to be perfect in literature and its related concepts. They are the ones who write something by particularly focusing on it.

On the other hand, a writer is the one who structures the ideas properly and represents them in form of writing. The writers are known for their techniques of presentation and explanation. Writers write in magazines, articles, informative content, etc. They are not bounded by the type and category of the content. Their articles are from the future point of view. They are always focused on the story that they are writing at any particular moment, and tend to focus on the next story in the next content.

When a person’s book is allowed to be published after a prior approval, then that person is said to be an author. While, if a person’s work is not published and he/she still continues writing, then that person can be considered to be a core writer. Authors are known personalities in the society, while there are rare writers which are known in the society. An author has an authority over his work, that is there are copyright laws in order to keep their work patent from the other authors. Whereas, anyone from any field can grab the unpublished content of a writer, without asking for his/her permission. Authors are known for their way of writing the content, so they have the freedom to express their views in their own manner.  Whereas, there is a compulsion criteria in case of writers, as it is wholly their responsibility to convey the correct message and information to the readers.

Comparison between Author and Writer:




Web definitions

The person who developed or gave existence to any content.

The person who has written something or who writes in a particular way.

Basic functionality

They are the ones who have already written some content.

They are the ones who write continually.

Originates and Works

An author is essentially the person who develops an idea, plot, or content of the work being written.

A writer is a person who writes a book, article, or any literary piece.

Focuses on

Always focused on telling a story.

Always focused on the future.


The person becomes an author after his/her book is published.

The person’s writing is generally not published in the form of a book, but rather in the form of articles in magazines, newspapers or websites.


They are the real creators of their own ideas, hence their ideas are supposed to be unique and different.

They are the real presenters of any idea which can be picked from any source.


They can get their work copyrighted.

They cannot get their work copyrighted

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