Difference between Baby Pram and Stroller

Key difference: Baby Pram and Stroller, are wheeled devices which are used to carry children. A baby pram is like a cradle in which babies can lie, whereas a stroller is like a chair in which babies can sit upright.

Baby Pram and Stroller are both baby carriages widely used by parents everywhere. They are wheeled devices, which are used to carries babies outside while walking or strolling. These are immensely popular among parents, as they allow parents to be free and walk easily, especially for mothers going for some retail therapy. Depending on the age of the baby, parents can opt between a pram and a stroller.

A perambulator or a ‘pram’ is a wheeled baby carrier that is designed such that a baby can sleep or lie in it. It is a carriage with soft flat bottom that allows the baby to sleep comfortably, while the parents can walk around with them. Prams also have a canopy, usually half covering the carriage, attached to protect the infants from the sun, heat, rain or dust. There are wheels which help in pushing the carriage easily.

A stroller, on the other hand, is designed such that a baby can sit upright. It is also known as a push chair or buggy in British. The seats on this stroller have a restraint system, which consist of harness, safety belt, and crotch strap, this helps in securing the position of the sitting infant. Needless to say, a stroller is suitable for infants who have begun to sit. It also comes with a hood or a canopy to protect the little one from the weather, and have wheels which make transporting very convenient.

Many a times, parents use the terms ‘prams’ and ‘strollers’ interchangeably. Also, with the variety of carriages available in the markets, it is vital to know the difference between the two modes of baby transport. The main difference between the two is that, the prams are used to carry new born babies, whereas a stroller is used to carry infants or toddlers. In terms of easy mobility, prams are bulky and heavy as compared to lightweight strollers. Additionally, the pram carriage seats are high from the ground, while the strollers’ seats ride low to the ground. Also, many other differences can be read in the table below.

However, before choosing a carriage, parents should consider the baby’s comfort. Also, there are hybrid prams and hybrid strollers available, which are considered more practical as there won’t be any need to change the carriage as the baby gets older.

Comparison between Baby Pram and Stroller:


Baby Pram

Baby Stroller


It is a wheeled baby carrier that is designed such that a baby can sleep or lie in it.

It is a wheeled baby carriage that is designed such that a baby can sit upright.

Suitable for

It is most suitable for newborns and infants.

It is only meant for toddlers who can sit upright.


It looks like a basket on wheels.

It looks like a chair on wheels

Known as

It is also known as baby carriage.

It is also known as a pushchair or buggy.


The harness and safety belts absent.

The harness and safety belts present.


It is heavy and bulky, and not easily portable.

It is relatively lightweight and easily portable.


The carriage is high above the ground

The chair is closer to the ground.

Image Courtesy: shopping.indiatimes.com, trocandofraldas.com.br

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