Difference between Blog and Website

Key difference: A website is any page on the web that hosts some sort on information. A blog is a type of website.

A blog and a website are two different ways that one can post information on the World Wide Web. Essentially, a website is any page on the web that hosts some sort on information. A blog is a type of website.

The technical definition of a website is ‘a set of related web pages served from a single web domain.’ Basically, a website is any site on the web that has content. The content may be in the form of words, images, videos, etc. The website may even be interactive or a portal for something; it may promote a specific product or business; they may provide some services or just information.

The term ‘website’ is very generic. Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, Microsoft.com, Samsung.com, Apple.com, etc., are all different types of websites. Websites can be very versatile and can fulfill numerous purposes. Businesses may use websites to represent their business, or their products. Websites may also be used to sell their or other’s products. Some websites may actually be the business and may provide some digital services and allow for social integration.

A blog, on the other hand, is a type of website. The term ‘blog’ is derived from ‘web log,’ hence it safe to assume that a blog is log of some sort. Basically, a blog is sort of an online diary or journal. It was mainly used by people to write about their daily life, thoughts or beliefs. However, blogs have grown over the years. Today, a blog may be used by businesses to promote their business, by niche bloggers to share information about a particular segment, etc.

A modern blog is often been called a digital magazine. Similar to a magazine, the editor, which in the case of a blog is the same as the author, controls what is included in the blog. There is no limitation on what can be included in the blog. A blog is made up of posts. A post may include word posts, images, videos, etc. The posts often appear in chronological order, with the newest first.

Today a popular trend is a hybrid site, which is traditionally a website, but also includes a blog on the site. The blog is usually used to support the traditional website. The website and the blog are used together as support for the business.

Image Courtesy: under30ceo.com, amillionblogs.com

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