Difference between B.M.S., B.B.A. and B.B.M

Key Difference: B.M.S. stands for Bachelor of Management Studies. B.B.A. stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. B.B.M. stands for Bachelor of Business Management. They all may differ in titles but all are related to a three year course of management. Thus, they all are quite similar in terms of content and course.

Bachelor of Management Studies is referred to as B.M.S. B.B.A. stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and B.B.M stands for Bachelor of Business Management. All three courses are related to the management, and thus play a vital role for providing a qualification for someone who is looking for a job in the management sector. The core subject matter remains the same for all there courses. The duration of these courses is generally three years. Some differences may exist in the implementation of these courses by various Universities or Colleges. Therefore, before seeking admission, one is advised to carefully understand the syllabus and the course.

However, usually it is found that a B.M.S. course is more focused on developing the managerial skills that would be required to become a good manager. B.B.A. generally involves all the knowledge that would be required for the administration at various levels of a company. BBM is more focused on the analytical and logical oriented studies which further enhances the skills of a person.

It is important to mention that on a general basis, B.M.S. and B.B.M. are regarded as synonymous with just different technical names for the same courses. B.B.A. puts more emphasis on the leadership and management skills. A BBA/ BBS/ BMS offers theoretical knowledge of subjects studied during an MBA and the student specializes in one area in the final year. Thus, they are looked to as preparatory courses for the M.B.A.

Comparison between B.M.S., B.B.A. and B.B.M.:





Stands For

Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Management


Three years

Three years

Three years

Colleges offering the programs

Delhi University, etc.

Karnataka University, etc.

Bangalore University, etc.

Preferred Degree




Minimum Eligibility




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