Difference between Crèche and Playschool

Key difference: A crèche resembles a childcare or daycare center where those children are taken care of, whose parents/guardians are out on work. A playschool refers to an educational institution, where children are tutored in the basics of school education, using play-based learning techniques.

Parents who’re busy working through the day are left with no time to look after their children; as a result they opt for child care institutions such as a crèche. At a crèche, it is ensured that a child feels relaxed and comfortable at all times. Proper attention to cleanliness and hygiene is paid, so that no child carries an infection or picks up a disease. Along with their usual repertoire of activities, some crèches are also known to carry out activities such as teaching the children.

A playschool provides a stimulating environment for a child to grow in. The best thing about playschools is that they very well understand the importance of games and sports in a child’s life. Thriving upon activities based on this premise, they work to expedite a child's all-round development. Unlike a crèche, which lasts for a whole day, playschools usually function only for few hours a day. Playschools admit children who’re upto three years of age. 

Comparison between a Crèche and a Playschool:





To look after the children in the absence of their parents/guardians

To stimulate growth in children through play-based learning methods

Age group

For children up to school age

For children who’re too young to a pre-school


Taking care of children

Developing their social skills

Extent of Education


Education remains the mainstay

Image Courtesy: marioncc.org.au, school.discoveryeducation.com

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