Difference between Nursery and Playschool

Key difference: Nurseries admit children who’re three to five years of age. Those children go to a playschool, who’re too young to go to a nursery or a preschool.

 A nursery in effect is a type of preschool, where children are taught the fundamentals of higher education. Together with teaching the children, nurseries also stress upon the extracurricular activities of a child. Nurseries try to make a child’s learning experience fun and joyous, while ensuring that the child holds his studies in high regard as well. The functioning of a nursery is no different than a preschool; however, a nursery might chalk out an innovative curriculum that is best suited to the resources at their disposal. Nurseries usually admit children who are four years of age.

 A playschool can be defined as an educational and recreational institution for children, which is developed on the lines of a nursery. Playschools admit children who are too young to go to a nursery or a preschool. Combining interesting methods of learning and entertainment, playschools play a vital role in grooming a child for further education. Various playschools devise their own knowledge-intensive play activities, so that the children can learn as they play. This way the children are enticed to actively participate in such activities, thereby improving their knowledge and intelligence quotients.

Comparison between a Nursery and a Playschool:





Nursery is a type of pre-school generally for children of 4 years of age.

Playschool is usually for children up to three years of age.


Students are exposed to objects that develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. These programs make use of fun-based techniques.

To develop early skills and language development by engaging them in dramatic plays, group experiences, children's literature and sensory art projects.

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Nurseries last longer than a playschool

Playschools normally operate only for a few hours a day

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