Difference between Polarized and Regular Sunglasses

Key difference: As the name suggests, the polarized and regular sunglasses differ in their vision clarity. The polarized sunglasses have a much higher light intensity as compared to that of the regular sunglasses. The polarized sunglasses are specifically designed to bear the strong UV radiations of the sun.

People use the polarized and regular type of sunglasses daily; they especially prefer them during the day, in order to avoid the direct contact and exposure to the sun. Individuals opt for polarized sunglasses, rather than the regular type in order to bear the sun’s direct brightness and light. The sunglasses are eyewear, which were developed with a motive to protect the eyes and add a fashionable look to one’s appearance.

Polarized sunglasses are a special type of sunglasses, mainly developed and designed to reduce the glare and increase the contrast sensitivity. These have been enjoyed for years by experts, boaters and fishermen in order to reduce the unwanted glare from water, as in the presence of glare the fisherman used to find it difficult to view the fishes swimming below the surface. The polarized sunglasses reduce the glare and its intensity, and hence help to view any object clearly. These sunglasses protect the eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB radiations. Nowadays, polarized sunglasses are becoming more and more popular with other sports enthusiasts, including skiers, golfers, bikers and joggers, as well as the general public.

Regular sunglasses are the normal range of sunglasses, which are generally available everywhere and are preferred by everyone. They are protective eyewear basically designed to protect the eyes from the bright sunlight and high-energy visible light. These differ according to the gender, that is there are men’s sunglasses and women’s sunglasses which differ in the frame formats, sizes and patterns. They also act as a visual aid, and are commonly termed as spectacles, or glasses. They differ according to an individual’s comfort and demands. These are fashionable and trendy sunglasses available in the markets which provide a distinct and attractive look to the individual.

Unlike the regular sunglasses, the polarized sunglasses selectively block out the glare instead of dimming the entire field of vision. The dye used in the regular sunglasses sometimes blocks the subtle details of the vision. Although the polarized sunglasses are more expensive as compared to that of the regular sunglasses, they prove to be more efficient and beneficial for protecting the eyes. As opposed to regular sunglasses, a polarized lens reduces the glare and improves the vision clarity from flat surfaces like a wet road or hood of the car. Many outdoors men and sports professionals prefer to wear sunglasses with polarized lenses for these reasons.   

Comparison between Polarized and Regular Sunglasses:


Polarized Sunglasses

Regular Sunglasses

Short description

These are special type of sunglasses which are developed for protecting the eyes from sun’s harmful radiations.

These are traditional types of sunglasses which are worn to cover and protect the eyes from the brightness.

Reasons of their development

Mainly developed and designed to reduce the glare and increase the contrast sensitivity

Mainly developed to cover and protect the eyes, are also used to add fashion and glamour to the look


They selectively block out the glare.

They entirely block out the glare.


They are expensive as compared to the regular sunglasses.

They are affordable to everyone and not that expensive as compared to polarized sunglasses.


They are more beneficial and protective as compared to that of the regular sunglasses.

They are not that beneficial, but are protective in nature.

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