Difference between Jeans and Denim

Key difference: A differentiating fact between Jeans and Denim is that the former is a garment that is manufactured using denim, which is the fabric used to produce a variety of garments besides jeans.

A pair of jeans has all but become the customary casual wear of the world. Today, almost every other human being possesses at least a single pair of jeans in his/her wardrobe. The reason why jeans are so popular among the young and old alike is that it lends a rugged, yet casual demeanor to the person wearing it. Jeans also don’t have to be washed again and again. They can be worn frequently without worrying about washing or ironing.

There are various types of jeans available in retail stores today. These range from a variety of fits, which provide people with an option of selecting a pair that according to their body type suits them most. Variants like slim fit jeans, regular fit, skinny fit, relaxed fit, etc. are all examples of the array of jeans available in markets across the world. Jeans were introduced to the world of retail by Levi Strauss in the second half of the 19th century.

Since their introduction, jeans have taken the clothing industry by storm. Young and old like to wear jeans on their favorite occasions. Jeans also complement both shirts and tee shirts really well, and are hence very popular among the youth. The five pocket jeans are the staple casual wear in the wardrobe of any person. Blue is naturally associated with jeans, because of their identity with this color. However, many other colors and dyed colors of jeans are available in the stores presently.

Denim is actually the fabric that goes in manufacturing a pair of jeans. Made of cotton twill containing 100% cotton, denim is an extremely rich and comfortable fabric. Denim is not only used to make jeans, but it is also used to produce a variety of apparel such as shirts, shorts, skirts, bags, jackets, etc. Denim is the reason behind the standing that jeans have achieved today. In fact, for some people denim means the identity of jeans, which is why they opt to call the garment denims, or a pair of denims, instead of jeans.

The making of denim cloth is pretty much a textile mill activity, and involves an active participation of cotton. The denim fabric is woven with a warp yarn that is blue cotton and a filling yarn that is white cotton. This simultaneous weaving helps to create the twill pattern on the fabric, which will go on to have diagonally running parallel lines that one can see on his/her jeans. Denim has gone on to become so popular today that a range of clothing and accessories made out of it are available in almost every retail garments store of the world. 

Comparison between Jeans and Denim:





Jeans is the garment that’s made of denim.

Denim is the fabric used to make jeans.


Jeans are basically trousers worn casually or on other occasions.

Denim is used to make not just jeans, but also shirts and skirts apart from many other accessories.


Jeans are made of denim, lycra, etc.

Denim is made of heavy twill.


All jeans have some amount of denim at least.

All denim fabrics need not be used to make jeans.

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