Difference between O+ and O- Blood Group

Key difference: The blood groups O+ and O- are universal donors. The only difference is in the recipients to whom the blood is transfused; O+ can be transfused to any positive blood groups, whereas O- is transfused to both positive as well as negative blood groups.

O+ blood group is a common blood group among most of the people. Around 37% of the population possesses this blood group. This blood group can be transfused to any of the positive blood groups. It lacks the antigen in the red blood cells. These blood group donors are considered as a crucial donor, as it maintains the criteria of the platelet value. O+ blood group can be given to anyone who has Rhd positive blood group; and which is found in around 83% of the population.

O+ blood group possess the double red blood cells. These blood group people have both anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma, which act against the type A and type B blood. They are said to have the quality, of increasing the lifesaving capacity.

O- Blood group is one of the rare blood groups available in the society. They are also universal donors, and are donated to all the blood groups. They can be transfused to any person at the time of need. They are real “unique” universal donors. They comprise of only 6.6% of the population.

Type O- blood group lacks the Rh factor and also, the anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma, hence it can be safely given to all the blood groups. O- Blood is generally carried in the medical helicopters, in the case of emergency; hence it acts as a real universal donor. It is also found that O- blood groups are safe for the new-born babies in the case of emergency.

Comparison between O+ and O- blood groups:


O+ blood groups

O- blood groups


They are present among 37 % of the population.

They are present among 6.6 % of the population.

Presence of anti-A and anti-b antibodies

This blood group people have both anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma.

This blood group people lacks the anti-A and anti-b antibodies in the plasma.

Rh factor

It has the Rh factor in its cell membrane.

It does not have the Rh factor in its cell membrane.

Can be transfused to

They can be given to A+, B+, AB+, and O+ blood group people.

They can be given to all the blood-groups A+, B+, AB+, A-, B-, AB-, O- and O+.

Acts as

It is used generally bas a substitute if O- is not available.

It is commonly used in the case of emergency cases.


They are available in the society, in case of emergency.

They are rarely available in the society, at the time of emergency.

Image Courtesy: bloodgroups.net

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my blood is-----o+

What true about o+ Iam getting marriage unknown group blood is this correct..?

in your US country the indian doctors are nearly 40percentage and ur people are treating by them and ur inselting them what a pity man

What is inselting and 40percentage and by them

Purna, Who is insulting Indian doctors? I could not find reference to this in the above article. Forrest

I don't think it should matter what blood type you have. What should matter is helping people's that need blood. I'm o positive I like to help.

If the male and female both are of the same bloodgroup than can it effect the child? Will the child be of the same blood group?and how does this blood group comes? I M o+ do i have anything special in me which others dont have????????

Male and female of the same blood group can affect the child. You can use the punnett square to figure out the blood type of your child, or someone else's child. But, generally, if both parents, say, have A+ blood type, the child has a high percentage of getting A+. GENERALLY. However, there are cases when the child will get an O+ blood type instead. I'll state my case for an example. My parents both have B+ blood type, but my blood type is O+. Being an O+, you can generate two types of antibodies: Antibody A and Antibody B. But let me define what are antibodies first. Antibodies are substances that your body creates in order to fight infections, or foreign materials. For example, since you have both Antibody A and Antibody B, you can donate to blood types A and B because these blood types have the same antibody as you do. Bloot type A has Antibody A and Antigen B. Antigen is toxic to others. Since Blood type A has Antigen B, it can't be donated to Blood type B because this antigen can kill the person with B blood. Same goes with B. Blood type B people have antigen A, so they're toxic to Blood type A people as well. In the case of blood type O, it has two antibodies, so it can donate to both A and B. BUT, IT CAN'T ACCEPT blood from A, B or AB people. This is because of their antigens. A has antigen B, so it can kill the B antibody of Blood type O. B is the same. AB is fatal because it can kill both of O's antibodies.

How will be their married life, if we perform O+ male and O- female

Well, stupidity is bigger problem in marriage than your question...


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