Difference between Sales Advisor and Sales Associate

Key difference: A Sales Advisor is a salesperson who has the authority to advice on the advantages of buying and after sales services of the products; while, a Sales Associate is a salesperson who answers to the basic enquiry questions related to the price and other related issues. 

Both, sales advisor and sales associate are salespersons who work in the sales and marketing faculties of any company. These are the ones who are solely responsible for suggesting the marketing strategies for increasing the company sales profit margin. The basic difference among their roles is that, a sales advisor advice over the buying and sales advantages of a company; while, a sales associate answers to the enquiry questions related the price value of a company product.

Sales advisors are employed in a range of capacities, typically in retail outlets and call center environments. They give product related advices to the customers. Most often, sales advisors are also referred to as retail salespersons, sales assistants and sales representatives. A sales advisor may differ in his/her responsibilities according to the type of industries; these are spread in almost all the types of industrial markets.

A Sales associate is an important employee in any company, as he/she is the one who works for the sales profits of the company. The primary duties of the sales associates are to interest buyers and purchasing agents in their merchandise or services and to address clients’ questions and concerns. They demonstrate their products and advise clients on betterment of the product and reduce the costs along with the increase in revenue. They spend much time with their prospective buyers and current clients. The sales associates are also given titles as sales representative, account executive and account representative among others.

Hence, both the sales advisor and sales associate are the key persons for any company as; they are wholly responsible for gaining the profit of the products. The role of an advisor is to advice but the role off an associate is to bring the result of the product profits and sales. In a broader sense, the job of a sales associate is much tougher than that of a sales advisor. Both are essential employees for any company, due to their responsibilities and work.

Comparison between Sales Advisor and Sales Associate:


Sales Advisor

Sales Associate

Their key Roles

To advices on behalf of the product.

To solve over the enquiries related to any product.

Main Fields

Sales and Shopping


They are also given titles as

retail salespersons, sales assistants and sales representatives

sales representative, account executive and account representative among others

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