Difference between Trial Product and Demo Product

Key Difference: A trial product and a demo product are the products which can be used for a certain period of time. For a trial product, a company releases their product to some of the markets to see whether their product is going to work out or not. On the other hand, demo product is a sample product, where a company only gives a demonstration of their product.

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Trial product and Demo product are somewhat similar to each other. The phrases are used for the purpose of advertising, introducing or announcing a new product for the people. A trial or a demo can be given by any company for any product. The terms, trial and demo of a product are mostly used for software.

A trial product is a product where a person gets the full software but there will be a time limit. It is basically to test a product. If a person has used the product once, he cannot use the same product another time. The company will block a particular person and he will not be able to access the same product in his PC.

There are 4 steps which a company wants to look at in a trial:

  • Speed
  • Does it meet your needs?
  • Easy to use
  • Do you like it?

A demo is an abbreviation of ‘demonstration’. A demo product is a product, where software will be downloaded but only one of its parts will work.

It can be explained more clearly by a giving an example: Suppose, in a particular game there are 60 stages and if we download that game, we will get 5 or 10 stages, which will be a demo version. On the other hand, if we download the same game, we will get all the 60 stages for a limited period, that is a trial version.

One should not get confuse with the trial product and the demo product. They just need to understand the basis of the term, otherwise both have somewhat the same meaning. Trial Product is a full product but expires after a pre-determined time. Demo Product is a partial product that does not expire.

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