Difference between Amantran and Nimantran

Key Difference: In today’s usage Amantran and Nimantran are believed to have no differences, with both referring to an invitation. Amantran is believed to be informal invitation, while Nimantran is considered to be a formal invitiation.

Amantran and Nimantran are types of invitations that are issued in Indian language. These both words are used interchangeably in today’s Hindi language resulting in many people becoming confused about these two terms. It is a bit difficult to separate the differences as there is no set demarcation for the differences between two terms. Both terms are used freely to refer to an invitation that is being given to a person.

However, according to some people there are slight differences between the terms, where Amantran is used to invite a person at any time at the convenience of the guest, while Nimantran is used as an invitation to a specific event that is taking place. For example, if a person is inviting a guest to their home whenever the guest is available, the term Amantran is said to be appropriate. If inviting for a wedding or a party, the term Nimantran is expected to be used.

It is also believed that Nimantran is a more formal invitation and a more formal way to giving the invitation, while Amantran is the informal version of Nimantran. Other differences also suggest that Nimantran refers to a proper invitation (such as a written one) that is sent to a person inviting him, while Amantran is considered as calling upon the guest, which could be by phone or a personal visit.

However, in today’s usage, both of these terms are believed to have no difference and can be considered as two different terms that refer to the same thing.

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I think the more appropriate difference would be as under: Receiving invitation is Nimantran (I have got a nimantran from....) and what I send for inviting someone is Amantran (I have Amantrit them on....)

If I do amantran then they will come and consider themselves as part of my family. If I do nimantran then they are like outsider.

My mom tought me this thing as, Agrahache te Amantran. Nimittamatra te Nimantran. I hope it will help.

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