Difference between Asus GTX 650 and 660

Key Difference: The Asus GTX 650 and 660 are high-end graphic cards of the same Asus GTX family. These cards are used to derive an optimum gaming experience and a superior screen resolution. The distinction between these two lies in their composition, features and their performance.

The Asus GTX graphic cards were created with the aim of providing a surreal gaming experience to their users. Combining lifelike expression of characters and events in a game, along with substantial performance acceleration, these graphic cards lend a touch of visual realism to the gaming audience. By incorporating such high performance graphic cards, computers run the risk of overheating at times and even the possibility of breaking down. But, these graphic cards carry the solution to these problems, right with them. These cards come along with mechanisms such as cooling fans and in-built voltage stabilizers, to ensure a hassle-free usage. Though all the graphic cards of the GTX family are built on the same premise, some subtle differences in their make allows Asus to cater to the varied needs of the gaming community.

Comparison between GTX 650 and 660:


GTX 650

GTX 660



Gigantic 2GB GDDR5



DirectCU II

Noise reduction


Three times quieter



Six times greater than the conventional models



Addition of NVIDIA GPU Boost and NVIDIA Adaptive V-Sync to the standard features.

Image Courtesy: asus.com

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