Difference between Craft Thread and Embroidery Floss

Key Difference: Embroidery Floss and craft thread are two different types of threads which are used in various craftwork or embroidery. Embroidery floss consists of six strands which can be easily separated, whereas craft thread is a thread made up of twisted material. Embroidery floss is superior in quality, and therefore is also expensive than a craft thread.

Embroidery floss or thread, as its name signifies it has been especially designed for embroidery or any other type of needlework. It is made of six strands of fabric which is commonly cotton. These strands can be easily separated. This provides the opportunity to the user to choose the number of strands for a particular embroidery work, according to the look required or preferred by him.

It is generally available in skeins which are typically 8 meters in length. Market is flooded with a great variety of these threads when it comes to colors. There are numerous brands and manufactures selling this floss. They are generally made of cotton but a blend of cotton, rayon, silk is also used for a slight sheen effect.

Craft thread is a different type of thread which is a twisted type of material. It is in a twisted form, thus cannot be separated in individual strands like an embroidery floss. However, still it is quiet similar to the embroidery floss except the main difference,  that is not six stranded like it.

It is not available in skeins like embroidery floss, but can be bought in packs. It is not as expensive as embroidery floss. It is very easy to break craft thread than other types of threads. It is different from pearl cotton as it is necessarily not made of 100 percent cotton as pearl cotton thread.

Embroidery Floss should be preferred for embroidery than craft thread. On the other hand, for other crafts like bracelet making, etc., one can choose to buy craft thread as they are cheaper.

Comparison between Craft Thread and Embroidery Floss:


Craft Thread

Embroidery Floss


Craft thread is a thread made up of twisted material

Embroidery floss consists of six strands which can be easily separated





Comparatively less

Comparatively more

Available in



Made of

Generally is made from synthetic materials

Generally Cotton





 Friendship bracelets, macramĂ© or children’s crafts 


Color variety

Not much


Images Courtesy: friendship-bracelets.net

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