Difference between Hot Wax and Cold Wax

Key difference: Although, both hot and cold waxes are used for the purpose of hair removal, both are considered different based on their uses, ingredients, temperature and the applying method.

In the 22nd century, where the people are judged on basis of their appearance, looking good at all times is of utmost importance for both men and women. People, in order to enhance their personalities, undergo many beauty treatments such as waxing, bleaching, tanning, etc. Also, for a clean, neat, soft and smooth look, waxing is widely used option.       

Waxing is a popular method of hair removing. It is an effective technique used for long lasting hair free skin, as it helps in removing the long, dense and unwanted hair from our body. Typically, there are two types of waxing: hot waxing and cold waxing, but depending on a person’s choice, one can decide which method to opt for.

Both the waxing techniques are considered similar to each other and have their own advantages and disadvantages, but when compared, one surely seems to be better than the other. In this case, hot waxing is a much better method than cold waxing. In hot waxing, when applied, the hair on the skin adheres much better than cold waxing, whereas in terms of cleanliness, cold waxing is a much less messier option than hot waxing.

In terms of their use, cold waxing method is easier than the hot waxing method. As in cold waxing, there are various shapes and sizes of strips available, whereas in hot waxing, one has to manually apply the wax with the help of a stick, and then clean it using paper strips. Also, removing hair from smaller areas such as upper-lips, eyebrows, etc is difficult with hot wax. However, for best and long lasting result, hot waxing is the option, wherein one doesn’t have to continuously reapply the wax strips for complete hair removal. Also, the repeated application of the cold wax strips might cause painful red bumps, skin irritation and problems of ingrown hair.

Another difference between the two is the temperature at which they are applied to the skin. Generally, the wax is melted before applying to the skin, and then using a small piece of cloth, unwanted hair is removed. While, in cold waxing, the wax is already applied to the pulling strips, it is simply applied and pressed in the direction of the hair, and then pulled in the opposite direction.

Though, the wax used for both is made up of same ingredients. The basic ingredients used are paraffin or beeswax, resin and lubricator. Resin is used because of its adhesive properties and better attachment to the hair strands, whereas oil or fat is used as lubricator for smooth and easier hair removal. At the end, no matter, which method one might opt for, it is advisable that on infected, irritated and sunburned skin, waxing should be avoided. Also, any further differences between the two can be read on the table below.

Comparison between Hot Wax and Cold Wax:


Hot Wax

Cold Wax


In this method, the melted wax is applied on the hair and a small piece of cloth is pressed on it, and then pulled to remove the unwanted hair.

In this method, the wax used, is already present on the strips, which is then applied on the skin, pressed gently and then removed by pulling it in the opposite direction.

Clean method

It is not a clean method.

It is a clean method.


This is not an easy method to use.

This is an easy method to use.


It has to be manually applied using sticks.

There are variety of shapes and sizes, of strips available.


It is not used repeatedly.

It has to be used repeatedly.


  • The heat helps to open the pores and hair follicles, thus making hair removal easier.
  • It helps to strip hair without irritating the skin.
  • This is often recommended to people having sensitive skin.
  • It provides a better grip of the hair.
  • Removing shorter hair becomes easy.
  • There is a lesser chance of reddening of the skin.
  • Cold wax strips are easier to use.
  • It is a faster way of hair removal.
  • It is a comfortable way of waxing during the hot days of summer.


  • Slow process.
  • Tough to wax larger areas at once.
  • It can cause skin irritation.
  • It increases the chance of developing ingrown hair.

Image Courtesy: healthveda.com, chickits.wordpress.com

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