Difference between IMAX and INOX

Key difference: IMAX and INOX are well known multiplex movie theatres, which are currently famous for motion graphic pictures and its effects. IMAX is owned by IMAX Corporation, a Canadian company; whereas INOX is the INOX Leisure Limited, an entertainment and subsidiary of Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. headquartered at Mumbai.

The modern trend and entertainment industry runs on the upcoming and advanced theatre technologies. The motion picture and entertainment industry have progressed a lot in the recent years. Today, there are several theatres working on different formats and technologies. Among them are the IMAX and INOX theatres; these are famous and the most appreciated theatres, which are often visited by the viewers for movies and entertainment sources.

IMAX stands for Image Maximum, which is a motion picture film format that comprises of a set of cinema projection standards of the Canadian company IMAX Corporation. Its developers are Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William C. Shaw. The IMAX theatres are known for their remarkable capacity of large recordings, displaying images of greater size and pixel resolutions than the conventional theatres. These work on the advanced and latest polarization technologies. The IMAX screens can display the visual pictures with comparatively high resolution and pixel formats. These screens are huge in shape, covering almost the entire theatre. Right now there are 697 IMAX theatres in 52 countries. A remarkable feature of these theatres is that viewing any scene in the IMAX makes the viewer feel as if he/she is actually present in the picture or the movie scene.

The IMAX theatres have various variations in its theatre format:

  • IMAX 3D
  • Digital IMAX

The INOX theatres are owned by the INOX Leisure Limited. The entertainment theatre is a diverse venture of the INOX group. The INOX theatres are an entertainment subsidiary of Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd., headquartered in Mumbai, India. Right now there are 74 multiplexes and 290 screens in 40 cities under their name. These work on the traditional 2-dimensional as well as 3-dimensional image technologies. These theatres offer a screen bouquet of films with a world class viewing experience. The theatres screen both Indian as well as Hollywood cinemas. These are regarded as standard theatres in the entertainment industries for screening both Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Both IMAX and INOX theatres are standard in itself. They provide full visual and Dolby effects while watching the movies. They have raised the standards of entertainment and movies. In comparison, IMAX wins the race, as it is more advanced and latest than INOX. Almost everyone today enjoy the movies in either INOX or IMAX theatres. The only drawback about these theatres is that the IMAX being most advanced is more expensive than INOX.

Comparison between IMAX and INOX:




Owned by

IMAX Corporation

INOX Leisure Limited

Present in

697 IMAX theatres in 52 countries

74 multiplexes and 290 screens in 40 cities


These theatres are more advanced as compared to INOX theatres.

They work for both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional motion pictures, and are above the standards of the regular theatres.

Screen types

These are huge and circular in shape.

These are not circular, but are comparatively huge than the normal regular theatres.


They are expensive as compared to the INOX.

They are affordable and convenient as compared to IMAX.

Image Courtesy: blog.thehenryford.org, groupon.co.in

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