Difference between Nova and Lox

Key Difference: Nova is the name of a dish made from salmon. Lox is a fillet of salmon that is brined or marinated in salt and sugar for few weeks.

Nova is the name of a dish that is made from salmon. It is also mentioned as Nova Lox salmon, Nova salmon, etc. It is generally made from Atlantic salmon and it is cured in salt and smoked. It is a very expensive dish and is considered the finer of the two preparations.

Lox is a fillet of salmon that is brined or marinated in salt and sugar for weeks. It is a dish that is made from salmon. In this process, the meat or chicken is marinated that is soaked in brine before cooking. Sugar and salt are equally added to cold water in a container and it is basically soaked for a few weeks. Lox is cured, but it is not smoked. It is traditionally made from salmon from the Pacific Ocean.

There are different types of lox that are served in restaurants and hotels. They are named as Regular Lox, Scottish Lox, Nova Lox and Gravlax. The restaurant servers also serve Gravlax sauces with the dishes. Lox is also served on bagels that are usually garnished with tomato, sliced tomato and with cream cheese on top of it.

Comparison between Nova and Lox:






A Pacific salmon cured in the style of Nova Scotia salmon.

A kind of brine-cured salmon, having either a salt cure (Scandinavian lox) or a sugar cure (Nova Scotia lox) often eaten with cream cheese on a bagel.

Made from

North Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Brine used

Brine used for Nova has salt and sugar too.

Brine used for Lox is salty.


Nova is smoked

Lox is not smoked

Referred to / types

Nova Lox

Nova Salmon

Nova Scotia Salmon

Regular Lox

Scottish Lox

Belly Lox



Nova is also cold smoked before being served

Regular lox or belly lox is served without smoking

Image Courtesy: kokoscorner.typepad.com, frantasticfood.com

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