Difference between Nursery and Creche

Key difference: Nursery is a place where children between the ages of three to five are taught fundamentals of school education, making use of methods such as play-based learning. Crèche is the term for a place where children are looked after in the absence of their parents/guardians, who cannot stay with them due to work commitments.

Nursery is a type of school, where the basics of school education are taught to children. Since children at a nursery are very young and unexposed to a school or an educational environment, various innovative instruments of teaching such as rhymes, games and toys are used to help them learn lessons. Moreover, the décor of a nursery is very vibrant and cheerful so that children get instantly attracted and learn about things catching their imagination, such as colors, shapes, etc. Nurseries operate only for few hours a day.

A crèche is a kind of child care or day care center, established to provide home-like comfort to a child, in the absence of his parents/guardians. A crèche usually lasts for a day, or the time until the child’s parent or guardian returns from his/her work. While at a crèche, a child may or may not be educated in basic studies. Some crèches do provide the option of educating a child, besides other facilities like feeding the child, playing with him etc.

Comparison between a Nursery and a Crèche:





Nursery is a type of preschool

Crèche is a form of child care or day care center


Nurseries operate only for a few hours a day

Crèches look after children for the whole day until their parents/guardians return to them


The focus lies on educating the children

Focus is on looking after the children

Age group

For children from 3 – 5 years of age

For little and young children as well

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