Difference between Skimmed Milk and Double Toned Milk

Key Difference: Skimmed milk is a product from which almost all the milk fat has been removed. Double toned milk is completely fresh and has very low fats.

Today’s generation is very health conscious. They need perfect and good health. To maintain themselves, they sometimes ignore the ingredient, which is very helpful for their body. Milk is one of those products which one should have everyday.

Skimmed milk is milk from where the fats have been removed. The cream is removed from milk and it contains less then 0.3% fat. Skim milk can help one in burning their fat and losing weight. Skimmed milk is also known as fat-free milk. It is a fact that fats take a lot of space, leaving less room for nutrients. So, when the fat content is decreased, there’s more room for nutrients.

Double toned milk is the freshest milk one can ever have. 'Double Toned Milk' means the product is prepared by a mixture of cow or buffalo milk or both with fresh skimmed milk, or by a mixture of cow or buffalo milk or both that has been standardized to fat and solids-not-fat percentage. This refers to the milk obtained by the addition of skim milk powder and water to whole milk.

Double Toned MilkIt should contain a minimum of 1.5% fat & 9.0% solids. It has a very simple concept that from toned milk, fat is removed only once, but in double toned milk, fat (cream) is removed twice . It is processed by the Ultra High Temperature process which does not involve any preservatives.

Some fat is vital. The World Health Organization recommends that one needs 32g of fat daily. More than this, it can cause heart diseases. Thus, if one is consuming excessive amount of oil in a day, he really has to take care of his health.

Skimmed milk is nothing more than water. The complete amount of fat is removed from milk, which is more of a white color or plain water. On the other hand, toned milk contains little fat which at least is good for one’s health. It is not that people themselves decide to switch from pure or whole milk to toned milk or skimmed milk. Sometimes, it is recommended by doctors to either have skimmed milk or toned milk. It basically depends on one’s health.

(Nutrition Values)

Skimmed Milk

Double Toned Milk


Milk from which the cream has been removed.

Milk is obtained by adding skimmed milk power to whole milk.

Fat percentage




Lose weight

Maintain weight


8 grams

7 grams


10 grams

12 grams

Total Fat

0 gram

4 grams

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