Difference between Skimmed Milk and Semi Skimmed Milk

Key Difference: ‘Skimmed milk’ is milk from which the cream has been removed. A process takes place to remove fat from the milk. Semi Skimmed Milk is milk from which some of the cream has been removed.

Skimmed milk is obtained after skimming, that is removing cream from the milk. As cream has been removed from milk, it contains 0.3% of fat. Skimmed milk is also called as non-fat milk.

The importance of skimmed milk is that it helps in reducing weight. For those who all are fat and are heavy weight, it will be helpful for them to reduce some weight because it contains less than 0.3% fat. There is a very simple concept that if a fat is removed from milk you will be able to adapt more nutrients which are good for your health.

Semi-skimmed milk has a similar process of removing cream form the milk. However, some of the cream is present in milk and it contains 1.7% of fat.

It is usually described more as low-fat milk. It is the most popular milk in US, removing 98% of fat compared to any other milk, like whole milk contains 3.5% of fat; toned milk contains 3.0% of fat, etc.

It is helpful for those who want to maintain their body. Though, it is semi-skimmed, it has removed most of the fat from milk, so it is also useful for those who wants to reduce their weight.

Some of the important differences between skimmed milk and toned milk are mentioned in the table below:-


Skimmed Milk

Semi-Skimmed Milk


Skimmed milk from which the cream has removed.

Semi-skimmed Milk from which some of the cream is removed.


Less than 0.3%

Less than 1.7%

Calories per glass

Approx. 150 calories

Approx. 145 calories

Useful for

Losing weight

Maintaining weight


Cholesterol removed from milk

Cholesterol removed from milk

Image Courtesy: islandfarms.com, greenham.com

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