Difference between Skinny Jeans and Carrot Jeans

Key Difference: Skinny Jeans are body hugging and they curve along with the skin; they are tight in every part of the body. Carrot Jeans are looser at the waist and thigh, and are tighter from the calf down.

Clothing has become an important part of our lives, type of clothes, the brand, the style and the trend all defines a person. Since they have been introduced into the commercial market, jeans have been a hit and there have been different variations on jeans; boot cut, low rise, flare, bell bottoms, etc. They are available in denim, denim with cotton, denim with latex or other materials to improve elasticity. Skinny jeans and Carrot Jeans are two styles of jeans.

Skinny jeans as the name suggests is skinny in look. The material of this type of jeans is mixed with latex or stretchable thread in order to give it elasticity. The jeans are fitting in every portion of the body; it hugs the hips and curves with the skin. Depending on the style, at the bottom jeans are most commonly scrunched up near the ankles. Other names for these jeans include slim-fit pants, pegs, drainpipes, stovepipes, Asian tight-pants, cigarette pants, skinny pants or skinnies. This style of jeans is believed to originate from the Mughlai Churidars, which were tied below the knee. They are available in various colors and are popular amongst both men and women.

Carrot Jeans are similar but different; it resembles the shape of a carrot. Carrot Jeans are loose  and baggy around the top and have a skinny fit from the calf down. The main purpose of these jeans is to make it looser around the crotch area. The rest of the jeans, from the calf down, are exactly like skinny jeans. These jeans are designed for comfort compared to showing off one’s figure. Carrot jeans are becoming popular but with a niche crowd and yet remains to be seen if they will become popular among the rest; however, big companies like Levi’s and Diesel have started launching Carrot Jeans under their brand names. Carrot Jeans are also available in the various colors and for both men as well as women.

Image Courtesy: gawker.com, stylenerds.com

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